Lamentation of A Cripple: Ladies Dupe Me At Will...How I Escaped Being Lynched

It was supposed to be begging as usual, with his antics of praying for passers-by and solicit funds from them but something went wrong on 15th of September for Emmanuel Oyediran, an orphan and cripple who is also suffering from Colostomy prolapse that has left his stomach swollen for his nearly his whole life, this condition leaves him in so much pains and has him passing his defecation through his intestine.

The 25-year-old from Osen community in Ekiti State escaped being lynched by angry mob at Ikeja Along bus stop in Lagos where he was trying to beg for alms. He has not stopped praising God for that particular miracle. To him, the busy bus stop has everything the crowd needed to burn him to death but that never crossed their mind.

“I thank God,” he muttered in Yoruba language. The dark skinned with scaled deficient legs gave a smiling face while he narrated his story; surprisingly he was not bothered as he recalled the happenings of that day neither did he bear any grudge with his false punishers who wanted to result to jungle justice for an offence he didn’t commit. He was accused of magically castrating a passer-by.  

According to him, 15th September 2017 would always be a day to remember, “I was on the bridge of Ikeja Along bus stop, it was a hot afternoon, I had been begging from passers- by, little did I know that the boy begging beside me was envious of me, not long after 12noon had passed,  one man dressed in yellow attire passed, whom  the boy asked for money, but he didn’t give him, I then called him that I wanted to asked him for money.  First, I prayed for him and then asked him to give N1000, in response; he asked me what I wanted to do with it. I told him that I wanted to use it to buy clothes. He warned me not to misuse the money and I promised, he then, gave me the money; it was two N500 notes. After a while, when he was waiting for the bus, the boy went to him, I don’t know what he told him which made him return to collect the money from me, what I saw again was him returning and holding is mid region, he came to me and said I should return his manhood, I was shocked and before you say anything, there was crowd hovering me,” he narrated.  

It was not surprising because the busy bus stop is one of the major entrances that leads to computer village; the biggest technology hub in West Africa. He continued that the crowd on hearing from the guy that he had done what they thought was a ritual act they pounced on him before giving him the opportunity to explain himself ( with considering exposed intestine).  

“They commanded me to remove my clothes and crawl down the stairs, I obeyed. They started to beat me, I was not afraid of the beating but for my life. At a point I started to see myself dead. I was in their middle and they pounced on me. The cloth that I used as bandage to cover my intestine was removed and I was naked. Their reason was that cloth that I hide the charm I used in talking to people and taking their manhood. There was a man who prayed to be my Good Samaritan among them, he called them to order and I had a tiny window to explain. He asked me so many questions which I answered; I told him that I was just out to make ends meet; I denounced being involved in the disappearance of the man’s manhood but it was as if I fueled the situation with my further explanation; they started to beat me again, this time they had found sticks and other things to beat me. The supposed Good Samaritan gave the go-ahead to continue the beating until I explain how I did the magic. The beating went on for another 10 minutes.

“My saviours were the police on patrol, according to them, they didn’t know what was going on but the unadvertised increasing gathering attracted their attention, one of them found his way in the midst of the crowd and demanded explanation for the beating. The crowd explained to the policeman that I had magically castrated a fellow man, on hearing the accusation, the police asked for the accuser and he was no were to be found, the policeman was furious and lambasted them, I could also not see him even till date I don’t think I can’t remember his face. Then the police asked me to leave but should not touch anything by this time all the money I had made for the day had gone, it disappeared with the crowd. My cloth and my earpiece disappeared with them also.  They took me in their van to under bridge ikeja where I board a commercial bus to my house,” he narrated.

How his horror began
When Emmanuel was asked how he became cripple and his stomach condition, he became quiet, the smiling face disappeared, and his eyes clouded with tears but didn’t drop. To avoid tears dropping from his eyes, Yemisi, his elder sister, who has been responsible for him since he shaved death, took the baton from him.
“He has been like this since he was an infant, he was two months old when we discovered that he had a swollen stomach; he could not defecate, we took him to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH),  it was there that he was operated on, yet he was still in the hospital, after spending six months in the hospital, he was taking home and he was getting better, all of a sudden he had malaria and we took him to the hospital, it was during this treatment that we found out that he could not stand nor crawl. The doctor then told us that he was going to be operated on but there was no way to operate on him without him standing on his feet. He then spent eight years in the hospital before our parent became broke and died. It was after our parents’ death that he decided to fend for himself, we his older siblings tried for him but things became worst for us,” she narrated.

Other horrors
After Emmanuel had found his voice, he continued his narration, this time he was bent on narrating his ordeal with women and how he aspires to become a shoe dealer. On his encounter with women, the cripple whose more than half of his intestine can be seen through the exposed pile said that women have seen him as an automated teller machine but that would not stop him from putting himself out to finding love.
“I want to be a shoe trader. I want to be able to make and sell shoes. Other things I would like to do is go to school and be married. Education and marriage have been on my mind for a long time but those two things are what I can’t have because there is no money to go to school and the little I make from begging I have been swindled off by women I have shown affection towards,”

One of Emmanuel’s benefactor, Labake Balogun, a second year student studying computer science at the National Open University of Nigeria and a neighbor to Emmanuel also spoke. According to her help is needed to give Emmanuel’s a life devoid of pains and thanks God that he was not lynched.

 “We asked Kola Orowale, a naval officer who is a friend to my sister-in- law to help clear his name. We called him and asked him if he can help clear his name because they tagged him as a ritualist, it was everywhere, virtually all over the internet but the truth is Emmanuel is a regular human being like you and I only that he is disabled. That is what we asked him to do for us, to help us broadcast and that is how he came into the picture,” she stated.

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