Pastor Akinrinsola Kayode: Our Mission Is To Raise Up Spiritual Soldiers

Soft-spoken, averagely-built and visibly humble, Akinrinsola Kayode is an embodiment of God’s wonderful creations. And today, the Senior Pastor of Christ Renaissance Christian Centre, Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos has continued to prove that he is truly an anointed servant of God.

Six years into the saddle as an overseer, the story of Pastor Kayode’s journey into the Lord’s vineyard is an intriguing one. However, his grandfather had predicted that he would grow up to become a prophet and it has come to pass.

He was born into the Anglican Church Communion, but  as faith would have it, he later found himself into the Cherubim and Seraphim fold. And that was the genesis of what has endeared him into many hearts as well as taken him to different parts of the world.

‘’I never knew that I would get up to my present level as a man of God,’’ he began. Austin Fair spent hours with him inside his ‘’Living Bread Church’’ as the house of God is also called recently. 

How did it all start?
It all started after my secondary school education. I had joined the Cherubim and Seraphim Church and one day, as I was fasting, I ended up in a trance. And this lasted for seven days.

What happened thereafter?
You see this something I heard as a story. But thereafter I found myself praying for people with positive results being achieved. The only thing was that my grandfather had earlier predicted that I was going to become a prophet because of certain manifestations in me as a child. And it came to pass.

So you continued to pray for people, those with challenges?
Yes and I would also go into trance from time to time. In fact even when I entered the university, it was still the same thing. I had received the anointing of God and it was thus a very busy moment for me.

How did you cope?
I combined effectively and eventually with a degree in Economics from Lagos State University. I also worked after my graduation, first in Kaduna and later with Lagos State Water Corporation. However, I still performed my works as a prophet while there.

When did you go into full time evangelism service?
That was after 27 years in the civil service. It came through divine intervention. God told me to stpp and obeyed Him. That was in year 2012.

You quit to start your own church?
No, one strange thing happened. Once I quit, the next place I found myself was in the United States of America. The visa came through divine backing too. I was invited there to pray for someone in Houston, Texas but later visited six other states. That was not all, although I went to America with nothing, I returned with my goods sent via a cargo plane.

That must have been enough support for you to start your church?
Not immediately. When I returned, the flurry of prayer requests continued. And someone I prayed for was so overwhelmed that he dropped the sum of two million naira as tithe and followed it up with another sum of 1.8 million to enable us start a church.

So it is a joint venture?
He left his church and joined me. We actually started from the Oke-Ira area of Ogba before moving to our current location also in Ogba after three years.

Tell us, do pastors collect money from people to offer them prayers?
I have never done that. And I can’t speak for others either. But of course it is not in God’s plan for me to charge to pray for people. I have not even subjected anybody to buy me something to enable me do the job. It is not supposed to be done that way. Pay before offering a prayer to somebody. Jesus sacrificed himself for us. So why should we go contrary to his teachings?

But some pastors do that these days?
That is part of the end-time predictions. Some of us are now changing the doctrines. It’s just like the ostentatious lifestyle some of us live too. Instead of helping the need, they now want to acquire wealth and all sorts of properties. And that is why the larger society now see the church as a business venture.

What stands Christ Renaissance Christian Centre out from the rest?
Our mission here is to raise up spiritual soldiers well equipped for deliverance and salvation of body and soul. People must have a purpose, security and ethical standard to fall in line with the spirit. And we rely on the holy spirit to do it for us. 

How would he rate the churches today and their founders?
It is a sad development the love of money has taken over the churches. But for those of us who believe in the power of God, He will soon single out his own. A good church must lay a solid foundation to pursue the good interests of the Lord.

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