Is Victor Osuagwu Eyeing Rochas' Seat?

There is this poster making the rounds on social media about comic actor Victor Osuagwu.

The picture of Osuagwu who recently became a titled chief is emblazoned like a man seeking for the mandate of his people to politically lead them.

Powered by Imo Equity Movement USA, the poster which has ‘Owerri Zone 2019’ visibly written with a rider; ‘Lets Break The 20 Years Jinx,’ could be interpreted that Osuagwu may want to take over from Rochas.

However, he has not made any categorical statement to that effect but his body language for sometime may be saying otherwise.

If he throws his hat in the ring, who knows, Osuagwu may make history.
As the days unfold, it will be clearer what the beloved thespian is set to do, until then, we will wait!

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