ISTANDWITHISRAEL Lagos Chapter Inaugurated

It was a day of utmost fulfillment and a momentous day at Ibis International Hotel Lagos on 7th October 2017 where Lagos Chapter of Istandwithisrael was inaugurated.

The principal focus of this is Education, reaching out to churches and student groups on campuses with programs to promote better understanding of Israel’s past, present from both biblical and historical perspective and to bring the two communities together in expression of solidarity.

Speaking at the event, the National Coordinator Rev. Rex Ajenifuja unveils the vision of IstandwithIsrael which is to strengthen the ties between Nigerians and Israel in every area of endeavor that will benefit both Nations. 

He went further to reveal the mandate of IstandwithIsrael which is to bring together Christians in Nigeria in support of Israel and its shared Judeo-Christian heritage and valves. 

The National Coordinator conducted the inauguration which Dr. Moses Timothy is the Chairman of Lagos Chapter, assisted by Rev. Cletus Christopher, General Secretary (Pastor Chibuike Ndubuisi) Kenneth, Director of Programs (Mr. Billy Tokunbo King), Director of Youth (Mr. Fredrick Ezenwa Ibeako), Director of Welfare (Mrs. Okeagu Chioma) Confidence, Director of Publicity (Mr. Tunde Lewis). Music and songs ministration was conducted by (Rev Hewatch). 

It was a colourful event as various dignitaries were present.     

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