Mr. President, where is Nnamdi Kanu? Ohaneze Ndigbo Queen To FG

As the blame game continues about the whereabouts of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, Chief Mrs. Tochi Ntodonke, who goes by the title; Queen Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide has added her voice asking the federal government to produce Kanu.

In this chat, she speaks about this, among other issues.

You have been worried just like some others about the whereabouts of Nnadi Kanu as well as his parents. Why the concern?
In my capacity as Queen Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide and as a mother and concerned Igbo woman, I am concerned.  By implication of my title, I am the mother of all Igbos in Nigeria and in the Diaspora and I am asking the federal government of Nigeria led by President Mohammed Buhari; where is my son, Nnamdi Kanu? Wher is his father, the traditional ruler of Isiama Afara Umuahia, Abia State, Eze Israel Kanu and his wife Ugoeze Nnenne Kanu who has been missing since over a month after the invasion of their house in Umuahia?

I have decided to open up and ask this all important question having waited to hear from the trio especially from Nnamdi Kanu who I feel cannot keep quiet or hide like a coward if at all he is alive or free despite all the news about him both fake or real flying around. That in itself has made it more important and expedient that I as a mother and one of the leaders of Ndigbo to ask this question and I am directing this question to president Buhari and his government.

Why President Buhari and his government when the rumours flying have not been verified if PMB is responsible for Kanu’s  disappearance?
 Yes, it has to be he and his government because like others, I watched the defense minister on Channels TV admitting that they actually visited or invaded Kanu’s house.  That one cannot be denied. But whichever way despite that citizen kanu is on bail granted by a court of competent jurisdiction and most especially for the fact that the army is not in a position to arrest a citizen, it is the job and one of the functions of the Nigerian police force in Nigeria to so do. 

The army all over the world is only trained to kill in wars and protect the territorial integrity of their countries. In this case, the authorities and the army having overstepped their bound and gone against the law which they are supposed to protect are actually the ones to give account of Nnamdi Kanu and that of his parent’s whereabouts. That is my submission.

Talking about the army, they have been accused in the south east of  vaccinating pupils with ‘deadly’ vaccines when in actual fact, it is part of their social responsibility to carry out free medical exercise in the country?

That is another issue that gave me sleepless nights. As  a mother, I feel that the ongoing harassments, killings and intimidations by the Nigerian military in the southeast and some other parts of the country in the name of free medical exercise is uncalled for.

And I am calling on the federal government of Nigeria to as a matter of urgency call the army authorities to order by instructing them to call off the free medical exercise with immediate effect for the fact that number one, it is quite clear that they are carrying out the so called free medical exercise after having recently carried out a very murderous activity against our youths and populace in the name of military exercise code named ‘Python Dance.’

Number two is that all over the world, the army is not known to be the best institution saddled with the job of free medical dispensary just like the job of arresting a suspect is for the police. The job of carrying out this very important oversight function is for trained conventional medical personnel in hospitals, clinics and other approved areas by the medical practitioners when it comes to school children.

I am using this medium to call on all the other Igbo elites not excluding the governors of  Igbo states, political leaders and all and sundry to wake up and speak out without fear or favour about what is going on especially these issues I raised and other burning national issues as it affects our people the igbo nation in the spirit of ‘Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya’ and ‘Onuru Ube Nwanne Agbana Oso.’ 

It is a well known fact that a hurt against one is a hurt against all and it will be very irresponsible and collective self destruction to us the leaders to keep silent, stay aloof or worst still, play politics with these dangerous developments as it is very clear that Ndigbo are today faced with the worst threat to their corporate existence in Nigeria since after the civil war.

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