Watch That Tummy! Fans Tell Clems Ohameze

For some concerned fans who recently saw actor, Clems Ohameze , the impression they have is that of an aging role-interpreter assiduously contesting with a pregnant woman of nine months of who would first give birth.

The rate at which Ohameze is boozing and the resultant protrusion of his tummy is giving fans cause to caution the actor to take a second look at his lifestyle.
At a hangout in Asaba recently with some folks,  stumbled on a serious discussion about happenings in the industry concerning Nollywood and it revolves around Clems Ohameze.

The general consensus was that the actor’s health is at risk on account of his lifestyle.
One said; “ I saw him at Oguta. I wasn’t sure he was the person but he is something else now. His drinking is spiraling out of control and that is what I think is responsible for his embarrassing tummy.

Another one added: “ If you see him now, you will just wonder whether he is in competition of an award of who has the biggest tummy in the industry.
“Look at the late Dee One day, late Bossman, Clems should watch it o!” blurted yet another one.

Please, if you are reading this, slow down o!

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