Agnes Nwanma: Fun Code Media To Lose Title Of Movie

Over copyright dispute involving movie title, the owners of Dr. Agnes Nwanma herbal cleanser has allegedly asked Fun Code Media Group’s Behind Nollywood, the producers of the movie, 'Agnes Nwanma' to withdraw title of the flick or get sued.

Upon learning of the film’s title, owners of Dr. Agnes Nwanma, whose herbal product is doing so well in the city of Owerri and Southeast as a whole, threatened to sue Fun Code Media and the film’s backers over a violation on their product’s trademark.
Consequently, we are reliably informed that Fun Code Media and Behind Nollywood had attempted to settle things out for the avoidance of chaos, whereby offering an undisclosed huge sum of amount so to be permitted to use the title.
The movie as informed by our source can’t be afforded being pulled down due to legal matters, as it is currently receiving a number of views on Behind Nollywood’s Youtube account. Also, due to the storyline, casts and ultimately the title that is known by all in the East, the movie is currently topping on Youtube’s viewing chart.

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