Eunice Atuejide: Set For Paradigm Shift With NIP

Pretty, intelligent national chairman of newly registered political party, National Interest Party (NIP) Eunice Atuejide is not a push-over even as a woman in her quest to change the political narrative of the country.

In this chat, the down-to-earth articulate lawyer and businesswoman made no bones about the need for Nigerians to change the course of history in 2019 when the next elections will take place.

 Are you a politician?
I would not call myself a politician because I haven't become one.  I am still in the grooming place to become a politician and hope to be a very good politician.  Am a lawyer both Uk and Nigeria, she is also a businesswoman she has B.Sc, and masters in business administration in Germany. I have done work with finance, entertainment, law, consultancies, and information technologies.  I think I think I have something different to offer, and what I have to offer will go a long way to help Nigerians see a really different country. I am not yet a politician but politics fell on me. I was just a normal mum, lawyer, businesswoman, doing my everyday thing and at some point, I noticed it was only politics that could change anything in Nigeria.  If you keep doing movements and your business you will think it is not going to affect you but someday it will, so I thought it was time to stop being less concern. I, in my opinion, was one of the bad people causing the problem in Nigeria because we were not getting involved. It was a situation of bad people getting into politics because good people do nothing. I urge the rest who have been lest concern get involved, join the effort and save the country

What is NIP about?
I didn't become the national chairman because I started the group. We started from law school,  it was first formed as a study group which then transform into NIP. The party transcends the borders of this country. The ones who are not here help in the strategies of the party.  We can use their ideas, innovation and work with it.

Why exactly did you go into politics?
 We are starting out as a young Nigerians who were tired of the situation of the country and see things done differently, these people were mostly classified by their good orientation. We don't just accept people; we run a background check on them and see if they have good records. We are not only after young people but good people; old or young.

How easy was it to register NIP?
It was very hard to get the party registered because indeed we are very unconventional in approach. When we told INEC that the platform it’s going to host elections online, it was greeted with raised eyebrows which included the problem of monitoring of primary elections. We had to show them all the election processes and the ones we have had on Whatsapp and how it held. We did things really open there was no opportunity for manipulation and they also how they could monitor our primaries; we will give them an administrative password and they would see the way things would run. They will see everything that will go on with just clicks and have evidence at the end of the election. We are here because we managed to convince them.  The committee was very professional with us. They gave us chance to explain things to them.

What  is your interest in the election?
We are very interested in the presidential election. We hope to win the post of the president, even if we win nothing else. We want to bank on the ground of freshness; our flag bearers are going to people who have not had connections with all the traditional parties and must be good.
 Talking about being good, have we not had good people rule us?
 Everybody tells you that good people don't do well in politics and it is most evident here in Nigeria because there are many bad people already in politics. So, even when we manage to put good ones in power, they get in there and become powerless with just two choices; leave or join the bad people. The majority of these people choose to join the bad people they go from being good to being bad.

In all honesty, do you hold the view that former president Goodluck Jonathan failed?
 I think Jonathan failed because he was a weak leader. He was not the most charismatic leader Nigeria could have provided. Yet, we let him come and rule. He had enough time to stand his ground and stop his subordinates from being corrupt, but he didn't. As a leader, he failed Nigeria.  He looked away for the evil ones to thrive and for me that was the worst crime he committed.
And you think he truly lost that election?
I think he truly lost that election. Nigerians rose against PDP and Jonathan. I was in tears when he lost because I knew that a Buhari's government was going to be worse than Jonathan's rule. And they are still rising against the party; he did what was expected of him after checking the outcome of the election by conceding.

What do you think about the idea that women belong to the other room?
As for me, I don't agree with that. I am going to raise an army of women like me, who will not subject themselves to the background. The good thing is that Nigerians are ready for women like me; they are tired of men coming into power and stealing all our resources. They also tired of, women who just give their body for little change and taste of power. Nigerians are ready to give quality women the opportunity to take positions of power. To show what they can do. I am already dealing with a similar situation in the party; it is hard to do but it is working I am converting people who don't want my leadership because I am simply a woman.  I am showing people that it is not about the beauty that there is so much more to me. And they are seeing it. The more they see it the more they support it.

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