Come Rain, Come Shine, Atiku Is Next President-Prophet Chukwudi

A popular prophet who foresaw the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump of the United States has released his prophecies for 2018.

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, who in January last year told the world that Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra would be released, also prophesied then that Kanu would go down in a big way. 

In his latest prophecies, Chukwudi listed Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State and President Donald Trump of the United States as leaders who will have serious challenges if they do not seek the face of God.

He also reiterated his earlier prophecies that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will emerge president next year. 

The prophet, who spoke with journalists in his Gbonum-Ulepa Ntezi, Ishielu local government area of Ebonyi State ministry, also told our reporter that God revealed that the president of Ghana will be faced with serious health challenges that may eventually lead to his not completing his term as president.

The prophet, who is fondly called 'Onye Ruka Ofunanya'(doubters will see with their eyes) by his followers, who had in earlier prophecies stated that President Buhari will not complete his tenure said he will make a statement on that matter in another revelation.

He spoke the following words "2018 has been given to the blessed of the Lord to excel. It's a year of prayers, a year of grace. Nigerians who have been trusting God will be blessed this year for their patience, for our God is loving and kind. But God is saying again that he has given the leadership of this country to another. Nigerians should know that come rain come shine Atiku is the next president of Nigeria.

"This prophecy was first released to me in November 2015 and God is still repeating it frequently. I read in the media where so many so-called prophets are trying to prophesy against Atiku. The Lord is telling me that those people are speaking from the pit of hell. 

"The Lord God who choses leaders have chosen Atiku to govern this country and return it to some sanity. 

"If you look at the history of Saul and David, God chose Saul to govern the people of Israel but when Saul deviated from the purpose for which God chose him, God had to choose David. I want to assure you that Atiku is the David of our time. God has rejected Buhari and chosen Atiku.

He also had some words on Governor Dave Umahi: "In the spirit realm, I see Ebonyi State governor is not in power again. In the spirit realm, he is out of office.
If urgent steps are not taken now to address the issue, Umahi will not return in 2019. There is a lot of conspiracy from his party and the opposition to push him out. And he is out already. One problem he has now is that even if he decides to join another party, he will still lose. Nothing for him. He has already lost grip of power. Unless urgent steps are taken now".

According to the prophet, there are a lot of errors committed by the governor, but these issues cannot be revealed in public, he said.

"If he wants to know what he must do, he can come to me. Two years ago before he became governors, I made a prophecy proclaiming him governor of Ebonyi State. 
I gave the prophecy to the senator representing Ebonyi Central, Sen Obinna Ogba. 

"I also told Prof John Eke, current Commissioner for Education in the state. 
I told them to tell Umahi that, come rain, come shine the Lord have chosen him to be the next governor of Ebonyi State. Despite the powers standing against him, the Lord proved himself and Umahi won.
Dave Umahi is the spirit realm is in double trouble. Crises are all over him.

On Donald Trump, Chukwudi stated: "I was the first prophet in the world to prophesy that Trump will win and become president. Now the Lord is saying that Trump so far, is working according to what is expected of him. 

"But I forsee attacks battling him. I have said last year that if Donald Trump does not come and recieve prayers and deliverance in Africa, there is trouble. 
Many other prophets have been telling him not to worry, but I don't see him completing his term, unless he comes down from his high horse, humbles himself and receives the annointing from Africa. 

"God has continually revealed that to me. I am seeing a very serious health crisis against Trump, but this thing is spiritual.

"Last year, I prophesied that Nnamdi Kanu will face a great crises but must come to the Lord for deliverance. That prophecy was made public and he saw it. For one reason or another, he ignored me. You see what happened to him? I am sorry it happened, but it was the voice of the Lord, and he disobeyed it.

"I was the only prophet that told the world in January last year that Kanu will be released before long, and that he must come to the Lord and seek his face. If he had come, he would have found Biafra. Twice, while he was in prison, and after he was released, I called him to the voice of God and he ignored me. 

"Now, hear me, Senator Dino Melaye. Your case has been brought before the Lord who gave you that position to serve the people. Your days in the Senate are numbered at the moment.

"The Lord says that you are a youth raised to become an army to liberate your people. But there are dark forces who will not rest until they ensure your downfall. Your case is like the case of Nnamdi Kanu. Come and serve my people, says the Lord, but don't let power go into your head, Senator Melaye.

"Hear me and hear me clearly, says the Lord God of Hosts. Your case is like the case of Nnamdi Kanu because an army of enemies have been raised against you. But as a matter of urgency, you must visit the man of God for solutions to your predicament. You will go down and be disgraced out of office. Your case shall be like the case of Nnamdi Kanu, should you ignore the Lord. 

The prophet also spoke about Ghana's president, whom he said needs prayers.

"The president of Ghana, Mr Nana Akufo-Addo will not be well. His sickness will be so challenging. Ghanaians should pray for his health. Let there be no story against his continuing to be president", Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi said.

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