DELTA 2019: These Young Men Are Poised To Take Power

AFTER over a month of rigorous exercise, the group, Coalition of Professionals for Good Governance in Delta (Youth for Governor 2019), which took upon itself the task of screening some aspirants for next year’s Governorship election in Delta State so as to get a young technocrat who according to the body has the ability to revive the fortunes of the state, have narrowed down its search to five names.

In a statement titled “Delta 2019: Dawn of A New Era” and signed by the group’s secretary, Mr. Magnus Okwudibie, the Coalition of Professionals for Good Governance in Delta (Youth for Governor 2019) said it was proud to announce that the search for a young technocrat to take over from the current Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has yielded some positive results.

Okwudibie said: “For over a month now, a group of professionals have been poring over the credentials of so many aspirants for the position of the Delta State Governor come 2019. Some aspirants have displayed some seriousness in pursuit of their aspiration, while others, we observed were just on an attention seeking mission.”

The coalition secretary cleared the air about the objective of the body. “Our mission is not just to get a youth who can wrest power from this present government which in our opinion, has failed the people of the state, no, we are searching for the youth who is also a technocrat and with the drive to take Delta from the doldrums it has been since 99, to greater heights and we are happy that we have eventually found that person who stood out among the pack.”

Aspirants such as Hon. Victor Ochei, Chief Osiobe Okotie, Comrade Sunny Ofehe and Mr. Sheyi Money among many others had their aspiration under scrutiny according to Mr. Okwudibie, “and at the end, we got who we feel is right for Delta State at this stage of our national lives. Let me add here that this does not mean all the aspirants who made the final cut are not equally good, but we are looking for just one person in this case,” the secretary said.

The aspirants who made the final cut according to Okwudibie are Hon. Victor Ochei, Mr. Sheyi Money, Chief Osiobe Okotie, Mr. Magnus Atoka and Itse Imeni.
Sheyi Money
The secretary of Coalition of Professionals for Good Governance in Delta (Youth for Governor 2019) said: “We are in the final stage of the search and we have started the thorough screening of the five aspirants and we assure Deltans that we will pick the one with the right credentials, personae and charisma to take the state to new heights.
We will not make any pretence about the state of things in Delta at the moment. While neighboring states like Rivers and Edo have some things to show for their 19 years of democracy, Delta has little or nothing to show. We cannot continue to live in self denial, if we fold our hands and pretend it is not our business, things will spiral out of control and we all will continue to pay the price for our not doing anything to stem the tide of bad governance when we had the opportunity, this is the more reason why the Coalition of Professionals for Good Governance in Delta (Youth for Governor 2019) has decided to offer Deltans a viable alternative and we call on all to give him all the support he can get when the time comes. This is a crucial period in the life of our state, our dear state Delta, if we fail to get it right this time around, we are doomed for another four years and we cannot afford to have this present government in Asaba for another four years,” Okwudibie said adding, “we will in good conscience present a young, vibrant technocrat as a contender to the position of the Governor of Delta, we believe he will have all what it takes to put our state back on track, the rest of the work is for the party and people to ensure he gets elected, thank you all and God bless Delta State, God bless Nigeria and God bless the world.”

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