Nollywood Costumier Craves For More Achievements

Nollywood Costumier, Imuetinyan Tessy Avan, will forever be grateful for the load of achievements that can be credited to her name within the short period of five years that she has been in the movie industry.

The ebony looking damsel gives kudos to her mentors in the movie industry for the opportunity that she has been given to showcase her prowess in the movie world and is craving for more.

The Benin born star recalls with nostalgia that her continued presence in the showbiz sector was made possible as a result of a string of positives that she has been able to achieve despite the stiff competition existing in the industry.

Speaking in a chat, Imuetinyan stated: "My experience in Nollywood would last me a lifetime. It has been worth the while.

"I must give kudos to Nollywood top shots like Amen Imasuen for their support in ensuring that I am distinguished as a brand.

"Most of my works are done in such a manner that movie buffs will always have something positive to say about them."

Imuetinyan is the brain behind the lovely costumes used in top-of-the-range blockbusters like 'Sunburn', 'Mother's Love', 'Oghe'(a Benin language movie) and 'Iwin Doctor'.

Her role model is Millicent Jack, a veteran in the business.

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