I Only Received N1,500 As Royalty For My ‘Denge Pose’ Song -Baba Fryo

Denge Pose crooner, Friday Igwe better known as Baba Fryo has sensationally revealed that all he got as royalty for his runaway hit song, ‘Denge Pose’ was a paltry N1,500 even as he made scathing remarks about COSON as well as why musicians refused to accept Efe Omorogbe as chairman.

He also spoke about other topical issues 

What has been happening to you musically?
Everything is fine. I am living my normal life. I’m still in the game. I’m still working, playing my shows, doing many things but at the same time planning for a new thing.

Late 2015 and now you suddenly were everywhere performing, what happened?
It is God. People just remembered me and got me wondering what is happening. People were calling me here and there but I give thanks to the most High God. A good sound can never die. Just like Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ song is still alive and will continue to be so forever. Our days and today are not the same. We write our songs before we go to the studio but nowadays, they programme the beats before they go to the studio to add their voice.

Apart from that, they have upgraded the system in music, audio and visual. They have clean nice videos, nice concept but the problem is that they are copying the negative aspects from the western world. They want our girls to be naked before they can believe they have done a video but those days, we didn’t do it because we were mindful of our values besides, we had the traditional media like NTA and few TV stations. You have to be cautious of the kind of video you do then because it is for public consumption but these days, anything goes.

Are you saying that they are not professionals?
Not really but the computer has made it easy and there is less hardwork and that is why you hear the kind of music you hear.

When are we expecting a new single or album?
I have a whole lot of complications now because I have the ones I have done before and the new ones I am doing now. I need to take my time and put them together especially the ones I am doing now. I just want to make sure it tallies with what is happening now in terms of modernization.

Any collaboration?
I have not thought of it but it might happen.
But having collaboration with young established artistes is not a guarantee that you will make it. There are many collaborations that didn’t make it. Collaborating with you or me does not guarantee a hit. It will even be better for me to collaborate with up and coming musicians.

You have been there for long time and your name does not ring a bell anymore, among all the Ajegunle artistes, it is only Daddy Showkey that is up there, why?
Yes, because our grace are not the same. It is a case of everybody with his own. I cannot continue to look or fight to be like him. We all have our ways of doing things. I went underground because I had so many challenges before but now but I have pushed them aside. Showkey himself has his own way. There are some things he can bear which I cannot bear. You may not understand but to me, it is his own grace. Showkey too has been mixing up with politicians and his name should be everywhere. Let me also mix up with them in 2019.

Ajegunle beats have gone into extinction after your generation, are you worried that the present generation is not sustaining what you have done?
I’m worried that is why we have to form a forum just to bring artistes together. Apart from the ones in Ajegunle now, they are scattered. The love, unity is no longer there. When the house is divided, what do you expect? I am trying to bring them together, that is why we have association of AJ Entertainers Forum.

What do you want to tell your fans now that you are coming back?
My fans should keep cool because Baba Fryo is coming out with enough reality. I talk about reality all the time and we cannot stop talking about it.

As 2019 draws near, what are you telling Nigerians regarding the APC government?
They play Nigerians like football. Politicians should stop playing Nigerians like football. Although, they have been playing us like games. Why I’m not rich is because I cannot see black and call it white. I say everything the way it is but now I want to join politics and face the positive side of it. It is not everybody that is bad. You find out that the good ones are not allowed to get to position. That is why we need to figure out the good ones and follow it up. That is what I want to do in 2019.

What are your plans regarding Ajegunle forum?
First, is to unite the artistes, preach love and get a dance hall where we meet once every week. The dancehall that we had was responsible for our successes. We were focused, people began to look up to Ajegunle then, we became large. Now there is no dancehall in AJ now. We only have one football pitch which is Maraccana. We now want to bring out a new AJ. We must commend the local government chairman for his support.
We are also trying to see how we can support the up and coming musicians. We have a whole lot of plans but with time, we will be unveiling them.

COSON and Efe Omorogbe
COSON’s matter is karma and law of karma. That is why you need to do unto others what you want others do unto you. Tony Okoroji must go. We don’t need mafia in our business anymore. What we need is an open person. You don’t sponsor people to carry placard singing, ‘winner ooo,’ when your opponent won a case against you. We know it was sponsored. They are always insulting me on facebook when I rebel. Facebook is face-me-I-face you, let them continue but I will face them. Some people think I would not be able to insult them back because I am Baba Fryo, no, I always face them back. Some attack me with different stories like one rumour sometime ago that I went to Ojez branch at Iwaya and patronized a prostitute and didn’t pay. They said she then publicly disgraced me and I asked them to show proof but they couldn’t. I have seen all those lies COSON has told against me. If such people can have such things in mind, they are a mafia. Imagine when MCSN won them in court, they still went to sing, ‘winner ooo, winner.’ I have never seen such a thing in my life when you sing in favour of people that won a case against you. That is to say they are deceiving the people. I grew up with not just the ghetto style but I’m spiritually inclined. I can look at your lifestyle and tell you who you are. I will not myself a prophet, it is people that will call me a prophet. I have looked at their lifestyles, pattern, I have seen everything about them and discovered that they are re-colonizing people.         

But when will our people be wise? Look at Efe, he could have succeeded as he is made chairman but his problem which I will talk, whether he wants to get angry or embrace the truth; he should embrace all artistes. He shouldn’t be arrogant. I am not saying, has been arrogant to me but I know how to investigate issues. I discovered that people were complaining that he is arrogant, that is why he is not accepted. They prefer the foxy Tony. I have told them this collecting society that one day, since it involves money, they should be careful. Musicians are hungry in this country, they shouldn’t allow them to deal with them. People that escort bullion van are protecting the money not people. They should treat artistes well. They should stop all those N5,000, N10,000, N15, 000 they give artistes. They should stop it. They will say they have collected N100m, at the end of the day some people will be given N5,000; N10,000,N20,000. When I was in PMRS, I was given N1,500 for all the ‘denge pose song.’ Iniquity! They should deny it. I had to write them that I am no longer interested. And it is still the same tradition that is existing now. Kurukere movement! Nigerians should open their eyes. This is the time for musicians to enjoy themselves. Now they want to bring one law, they are going to the national assembly with their kurukere movement. The law they want to bring stipulates that so long as you are a Nigerian musician, they have a right to collect your royalty. On what grounds? When I didn’t sign anything with you? Why must you collect my money? Reaping where you did not sow!

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