I Will Not Run Away Like Nnamdi Kanu – African China

Though he has been performing at shows, concerts, but for sometime now, Chinagorom Onuaoha aka African China has not released a single or album. Samurahh. Com recently met the ever vibrant artiste and he spoke on a number of issues.

Why Conscious music?
Everybody is embracing money. Politicians manipulate the masses to fight each other in order to confuse them while they make money. They use it to distract their wicked activities and continue stealing. That is why we are singing the kind of music we are singing. And they are uncomfortable with our kind of songs. They would want to shut us up but they can’t because God is with us. I personally believe that the late Fela did not die of any disease, they killed him to shut him up.

It is been said that you are done with music, how true is that?
If you don’t hear these things, you are not a strong prophet. I am not Nnamdi Kanu, I will not run away. I am ordained to speak peace. I have been working underground. They don’t want to promote the reality of life, they prefer fake stuffs. Our musicians now sing of bling, bling, inanities. Now they are promoting drugs. I am not ordained like Pastor Adeboye to speak on the pulpit, I am ordained to speak the truth. I still sing. I will not do what I am not supposed to do. Honestly, it hurts when you listen to some of their songs. There is no moral anymore. And as long as they continue to promote vices in their songs, their children would also be affected. It will touch their children.

There is a dearth of reggae musicians, why is that so?
There are young guys who are singing conscious music but they have not been heard. My music career is where it is because they refused to promote it. I’m a businessman and I would push my business to sponsor my music. 

It is also rumoured that you went Bankrupt?
Did you check my bank account? Some people just want to run you down. Entertainment is a tabernacle on its own. When I came back from London, won the case and was compensated, they didn’t talk about it. They said I cannot go back to London, I went back and shot my ‘London Fever’ video and permanently shut them up.

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