Ade Olufeko Speaks On Irabor’s Show

Reclusive and personable would be the paradox of a thought leader who marches to the beat of his own drum.

 There are only a few people who can category tell what it is like to work with Surulere native; Ade Olufeko.

 He recently sat down in a one of a kind interview with media icon of international repute Soni Irabor, in a pre-recorded session that aired nationwide on April 15th, 2018 via DSTV 256 on Lagos  Television. 

Ade named by his father in Yoruba as Ifihàn ìrawọ (meaning  Epiphany), talked about his career in technology, and then  his exposure on the international stage as a curator, then  touching on his work in humanities. 

On Irabor's rebooted show, the two gentlemen talked non partisan governance  perspectives, Olufeko's advocacy of women and a need of  social responsibility irrespective of a person’s tribe. In a  cool, calm and collected nature, Olufeko's words took  apart outdated "authoritarianism" methods  highlighting practical pathways for game changers of  society. 

 "Between Generations" a conversation for those who value contemplation, quietude and a rest assured fact that most viewpoints are arbitrary. 
Olufeko is a forward-thinking in-house consultant, whose operational and go-live experience is sought for and solicited by many indigenous establishments, multinationals and governments in the sub-Saharan African. 

He is slated to moderate the "Socio-Cultural Panel: Taking African culture     global" on May 12th 2018 featuring Ozwald Boateng  OBE, Rikki Stein and Michael Ugwu.

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