Agnes Sunday Launches ‘Food Point’

African food specialist, Agnes Sunday has officially unveiled her brand, ‘Food Point.’

Sunday who specializes in local food like Afang, Vegetable soup, White soup, Egusi soup, Jollof  rice , White and Fried rice, etc., said she derive passion and inspiration for cooking from her mother who nurtured her on how to cook different dishes while growing up.

Talking about the uniqueness of her brand, the Akwa  Ibom State born Sunday said: “Food Point can bring you any meal of your choice to anywhere at any given time. Our food are affordable and delicious. The idea of Food Point came when I went out with a friend to another friend’s house. In that house, there was no food and we were very hungry though we had money. We decided to go to a restaurant but still couldn’t get good food. That was when and how the idea came. If I was into Food Point before then, I would have been called upon to supply food.”

Senior pastor, The Visa Church, Dr. Ray Ashenewen who was on hand to co-ordinate the event was also presented with an award for ‘Hardwork and Diligence.’  Others at the event included; Reverend  Tricia Ashenewen (Leading Women ), Gina Ehikodi, Bukky  O, President of Lion’s Club (Honourable Usen Michael), Baba  d Baba (Comedian),  Papa B (Comedian ), MC Funny Case, among other dignitaries .

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