Meet Anyaoha Hilary Obinna of Consuming Fire Prayer Ministries, The New Wave Making Pastor In Lagos

News of his fame broke late last year after he healed two accident victims who broke their legs in an auto crash not too far from his church in Idiagbon, Ogba.

It happened shortly after an evening session in church and he was quickly called upon to come and intervene. Upon praying for their revival their healing came and onward his fame blew out.

The Assistant Pastor of the Consuming Fire Prayer Ministries life took a different turn that day and has since brought in hundreds of people to the church for miracles and healing which a lot of people have so far attested to.

AP, Anyaoha Hilary Obinna can't but attest to a great tide of change in his church and the inflow of members into his Ogba church. It was reported that over a thousand people were at the recently held vigil service which was packed full with healing, revival and a lot more.


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