Music Legends Light Up AMBON Unveiling

It was an evening filled with fun and panache when the association of music band owners (AMBON) converged on Ibru Gardens Victoria Island Lagos to unveil itself to the public, media and the entertainment industry in the country.

According to the President of the body Akinloye Tofowomo the new group  is set to proudly stand  and remain the foremost association that dictates standards for quality and timeless live band music in Nigeria.

 Mr. Tofowomo further disclosed that the core cardinal vision of the body is to collectively help develop,empower and organize the unorganized live music sector that Ambon is part of and believes that in no time the group will set the pace for stability in the live band sector.

Top music legends, Ras Kimono and Mike Okri were present at the unveiling of the new body and they solidly threw their weight and support towards Ambon's vision of turning around the live band music sector.
AMBON has its membership drawn from over twenty functional live bands in the country with the likes of Shuga band, Sharp band, Ebony band, Prudence band, Ayodel band, G - Notes, Faith band, SB Live, Heroes band, Zee Squad, Eagle band and Aristo band, Awesome Band, Rockers Band, Zion Band and Ariiya band to name a few and believes that in no distant time others will join the fray and reap the benefits of a part of the group.

And with unity playing an important role in Ambon's pursuit of excellence and success, the body hopes provide a political power base that will ensure musicians voice are heard in every level of government, while also working hard to ensure the wages and working conditions of people in the live music sector is enhanced.

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