This Is Season Of Blessings, Says Prince Ogievie 1

 Prince Tony Eweka (Prince Ogievie 1) has predicted that the current topsy-turvy situation in the country especially as regards insecurity would soon be a thing of the past if Nigerians can be patient and harken to the instructions of the  gods.

He  stated that some people are actually painting a gloomy picture of the whole issue out of sheer mischief. 

Prince Ogievie 1 asserted that what many term as dark clouds over the horizon will soon clear off and all will be well once more. 

He referred Nigerians to a message from the gods that this year will be a year of milk and honey for all and sundry. On this premise, he stressed that everyone will benefit from the shower of blessings coming soon. 

"The gods are wise. They can never make a promise that cannot be kept or make a statement that will run contrary to their wish for man. 
"For them to make reference to such a happy ending then it shall surely come to pass, " he enthused. 
Going further, Prince Ogievie 1 disclosed that this is the season when those with infirmities are cured; those in chains are freed and those seeking for the fruit of the womb will be blessed with their heart desires. 

He assured devotees that many more bounties will be made available for them in the days ahead. 

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