Ibinabo Be Honourable, Move On - Ifeanyi Dike

Chairman, Board of Trustees (AGN) Actors Guild of Nigeria, Prince Ifeanyi Dike has reacted to statement credited to former president of the guild, Ibinabo Fiberesima stating that she remains the president of the guild and was not invited by Emeka Rollas of meeting of past guild presidents.

Dike who spoke to samurahh.com advised Fiberesima to give peace a chance and move on as her tenure had ended.

He said: “Ibinabo cannot decide who becomes the president of actors guild of Nigeria. She has no right to sue anybody. It is only the board that can sue and be sued. It was to the credit of the board that she became president. When her tenure is over, you allow others to rule. You have done your term. The constitution is the constitution. The guild has to move forward. Emeka Rollas emergence is the people’s choice. It is the people that came out and said enough of these troubles. We don’t have a hand in it. And ever since, the young man has been trying to put things in place. The other day he met with past presidents. That is a good move. When a meeting is called and you form a quorum, the meeting would hold. The absence of one person cannot stop the meeting. I asked him if he also invited Ibinabo, he said he did. Ibinabo has tried her best. 

"She said she is in court, Segun was in court with Emeka Ike when she took over. The guild is a continuum. Again, if the board is not in court who again are you suing? The board is the custodian of the guild and we have said no more court cases. We have settled everything. Before, she was against Emeka Ike now she has joined Emeka Ike. What are they coming together to do? Let her relax and face other businesses. AGN has moved on. We are a professional body. Nobody should hold anybody back. Her tenure is over. Does she want to rule forever? 

"All state chapters have decided to move on. Let us move on. The guild is nobody’s property. If you cannot obey simple instruction, why do you want to lead? Are we running a junta?  Maybe there is something in this presidency that the board is not even aware of. It is service to the people. She wants to be behaving like Emeka Ike that is not even elected. It is only Segun Arinze that did one term and left. The people made the constitution and they have the right to change it. The national assembly is always talking for constitutional review. We don’t even have allocation from government. Please, let us move on.”

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