Performance /Celebrating Workers Week@ Freedom Park

Duro Ikujenyo and Age of Aquarius featuring Ayinke and Tony Ogaga, celebrate workers week with a performance at the Freedom Park (old prison) Broad Street, Lagos Island on 3rd of May, 2018, from 6pm to 10pm with rendition of Afrobeat, Highlife, Spoken Words and Jazz music.

In a statement by Duro Ikujenyo for Age of Aquarius Organization, he said: “
We dedicate this performance to billions of workers all over the world and most especially Africa and Nigeria, the sixth largest population in the world and the most populous Black Country in world. The present situation of the Nigerian consumer’s economy with over a thousand percent inflation has worsened the condition of workers whose salaries can barely sustain workers and their families. This has also increased the rate of corruption, anger, annoyance, hypertension, and death.

“This situation which date back to five hundred years of slavery where European and American slave traders sales guns and gun powders used by African coastal kings and middle men to create wars amongst Africans, kidnap and export slaves to Europe, North and South American, and the west Indies. The betrayer, blackmail, corruption, stealing, domination and hatred have passed on to modern day confusion which we face today in Nigeria and Africa.

We need a civilized blue print engulf in our constitution like the Festac colloquium on black civilization and education to Nigeria in the right perspective where we become brothers to each other with one love, the same attitude, speaking Nigerian language with a conscience, and value for humanity to build our nation together without our past experience of malice and hatred.

We believe that Africa would be united and rise to global industrial levels where workers would benefit from Africa’s great resources and be very proud and happy to work as Africans.

Long live the Nigerian workers.”

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