Coalition For Entertainers In Politics Berths...Targets 15 Positions in National assembly

There have been agitations for the need to create an enabling environment for entertainers in Nigeria. Some believe entertainers are not yet ripe for the political ‘mud’ while some say finance is the biggest challenge.
These arguments might not be the real reason entertainers are not in the front burner of politics. They are popular and some have made money from their trade, so many are being used for campaigns. One group however feels it is high time entertainers become fully involved and win elections.

Coalition For Entertainers In Politics (CFEP) is taking the bull by the horn with the mandate that entertainers contest and win in national assembly elections come 2019.

Its founder and President, Mr. Michael Odiong believes that the era of being docile in the political space is over.  He is of the opinion that entertainers have all it takes to win elections if they come together and work as a team. Stars from the music sector, Nollywood, writers and entertainment radio and TV stations are enough tools to get up there. 

He said: “Every election year, politicians drawn from different professions run for various positions in the state and federal levels and the employ the services of brand specialists, media houses, actors, musicians, events managers to help them woo the masses and convince them to vote for the office seekers. It is clear that entertainment is the biggest tool being used to win elections in the country, so why can’t we use what we have to get what we want? Almost all professions have representatives in the national assembly except the entertainment industry. We must understand that being an actor, musician, costumier, producer, director, writer, composer, events manager is a profession. We have laws to guide against piracy and other vices in the entertainment industry but the biggest challenge has been implementation. If you do not have anybody to fight for you, you will continue wandering in the wilderness and expecting a miracle when you can do something about it. We need entertainers in both the senate and House of Representatives to help fight our cause; we need entertainers in the various state houses of assembly to protect our profession from being ridiculed by some that think entertainment is for dropouts. We have to change the narrative. 2019 must be the year we have our breakthrough in politics. This is our time to come together and make a statement.”

According to him, the group will start consultations with entertainers and political parties who will be willing to give entertainers a chance to contest on their platforms. In the days to come, things will get interesting as the group is poised to cause major political upsets. Though they agree, they are green horns in politics; they will work experts and seek advice where necessary. 

They are targeting to get at least five entertainers in the senate and 10 in the House of Representatives. The job is tedious, but with determination, the tides can change in favour of the entertainers.

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