Institut français, Alliance française, Label VOLUME Celebrate World Music Day @at the New Afrika Shrine

To celebrate the World music day, which has been created in France by the Ministry of culture Jack Lang in 1981, Institut français of Nigeria, Alliance française of Lagos and the Label VOLUME have invited some French and Nigerian artistes to come in Lagos and perform for an unique concert Saturday 23rd June 8pm at the New Afrika Shrine.
The event is free, everyone is welcome, in due respect of the former principles of the World music day.
The event in partnership with the New Afrika Shrine, RedBull, Wazobia and Konbini will feature the project Felatronic by Aleqs Notal, Po Boy, Skata Vibration and Salah Gaoua.

Felatronic, by Aleqs Notal  
Based in Paris, France, Aleqs Notal is a French DJ and producer. Born in the 1980’s in the Paris suburbs, this huge underground music enthusiast, originally coming from the Hip-Hop and scratch scene, is well accustomed to the big stages and could already be found behind the decks in the mid-2000’s.
The variety of formats that he fawlessly conveys music through is dominated by a predilection for vinyl records, which he has been collecting since a very young age. Alexis belongs to a generation of artists building on over a decade of experience in their field.

Combining influences from Detroit and Chicago, the sound that defines him reflects his early and endless fascination for the sharpest percussions. The always widening range of inspirations Alexis puts forward bears witness to the fruitful musical exploration he has been passionately leading over the years. From the most soulful House anthems to the darkest Techno rhythms, via the fundamental genres of disco, funk, jazz and soul, the possibilities are endless.

Coming from the Hip-Hop scene, Aleqs Notal is no stranger to huge live performances. He was the DJ of the famous French Hip-Hop band "Saïan Supa Crew" from 2005 to 2009.
He was awarded as a 1st World Champion DJ in 2010 by Red Bull and has become a master in the art of making people dance by bringing his own vibe when behind the decks.
In the followings of the album “ Fela is the future”, released in December 2017, the Label Volume and Aleqs Notal produced the album “Felatronic”, which will be released Saturday 23rd June with this concert.
For this occasion, Aleqs Notal will be accompanied with Wura Samba, the famous Nigerian drummer, and will offer an original and unique creation mixing traditional Nigerian elements and electronic music.

Po’Boy: see the press release attached.

Skata Vibration
Skata Vibration is an underground alternative afro psychedelic rock band from Lagos (Nigeria) composed of a root bassist (Laughter Oluwatosin), along with a conceptual drummer (Adey Omotade), hypnotic loop guitarist (Jad Moukarim), and an eclectic hausa vocalist (Stiques). ​E​ach bringing to their musical harmony a unique sense of sound, soul and superstitious color.
They have been performing and working the local scene of Lagos (Nigeria) for the past 8 years, rhythmically moving limbs and souls with their psychedelic afro rock sound that pay homage to grunge, afro-rock of the 60s and afro-beat. 
Skata Vibration features many friends and mentors who enthusiastically participated in the making of their debut album in 2017​, helping to shape its authenticity and texture. Their​ new album will be released in September 2018​.

Salah Gaoua
French North African (Algeria) artist. He is at the same time a singer, a lyricist, a music arranger and a comedian. His debut was made in Lyon, France during the 2000's.
From Antigone (Play), to Casbah Groove (Musical) and Barbés Café (Cabaret)... Salah is recreating himself from his various encounters.
His music and his voice are a travel between the South and North Mediterranean's shores; Between traditional and actual.
Lagos, his encounter with Wura Sumba and Aleqs Notal is a new step to what defines the art of Salah Gaoua: reinventing borders

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