Anxiety As Crown Prince Disappears…Uncle Fingered

Tension is brewing in Ovbenisi village in Uhunwunde local government area  of Edo state following the sudden disappearance of the crown prince HRH  Iyobosa Omoregie from the community.

The Prince, Musician, who was last seen in the locality a few weeks ago according to sources vamoosed into thin air following an attack on the  private residence  of his late father, by persons suspected to be loyalists  of his Uncle (name withheld).

It was gathered that the said uncle who wants to be enthroned as the Enogie  or King of the village at all costs may have a hand on the fate that has  befallen the young Prince.

Trouble started in May 2016 following the assassination of H.R.H OZIEGBE  OMOREGIE, the Enogie of Ovbenisi after which Prince Iyobosa Omoregie, the  surviving son and crown Prince performed the traditional rites including  the burial preparatory to ascending the throne.

But unknown to community dwellers the alleged uncle who is an influential and rich business tycoon has his eyes on the Enogie throne.

Matters came to a head on January 10th 2017 when the uncle allegedly attacked the Prince's residence in the community in the company of armed  thugs and mercenaries and after destroying assorted  household items,  openly told the Prince to step down from the throne because he is too young  to be the ruler of the community. 

Worried by the threat the Prince along with his mother and sister reported  the incident to the Police in the locality, who after asking for a huge  sum as bribe to arrest his Uncle, did not make any effort to apprehend  him thereafter.

Weeks later and obviously infuriated that the Prince reported him to the  Police, the uncle allegedly stormed the palace again but the Prince who was absent and with some thugs and reportedly beat up the Prince's mother and sister to pulp and 
destroyed the remaining household items.

The Prince who was at his booking office at the time of the incident was 
not spared as he too was beaten up and most of his musical instruments destroyed.

Assisted by friends and well wishers, the young prince upon regaining his health, reported the incident to the Oba palace, since the Police failed  him.

However he was not opportune to meet the chiefs appointed to resolve the matter on the appointed day because they were receiving a visitors in the palace even as efforts to get another appointment with the chiefs also failed.

The Prince for fear of his life has been hiding and has not been seen since although the Police say based on his disappearance they are now intensifying efforts to arrest the said uncle to answer questions about the whereabouts of the young prince.

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