Esan Youths Call For Edo Speaker’s Resignation

To redress the political imbalance in Edo state, currently dominated by political office holders from South and North, youths from Edo Central have called on the Speaker of the state Assembly, Mr Kabiru Adjoto to resign from office.

The youths under the aegis of  Coalition of Esan Youth Leaders say Adjoto, a lawmaker from Edo North's resignation will pave way for the election of a lawmaker from Edo central to assume the office. 

In a statement, signed by the coalition's leaders such as Kingsley Ohens, for Esan Youth Movement, Saint Moses Eromonsele for Oneghe Sele Foundation and Ekeoba Odion for Esan United Association and 5 others, they said Edo Central have been marginalized by the present political equation in the state.

"The governor is from Edo South, the deputy from Edo North with the Speaker also fro Edo North. This arrangement negates the power balance in favor of Edo North, leaving out Edo Central completely. This development is unacceptable to us as it is capable of igniting crises".

The statement added that , " Edo Central or Esan people having contributed and are still contributing tremendously to the socio-economic ànd political development of the state and the country, cannot be treated like a conquered people".

The coalition said that there were huge political costs for all parties seeking power in the state if the present scenario is not reversed in the interest of justice and equity.

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