Akpabio’s Defection Not Strange – Udom Emmanuel Vanguard

The leadership of Udom Emmanuel Vanguard (UEV), in a meeting recently, have stated through its General  Secretary, Deacon Iquaibom Usen that the defection of Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio from People Democratic Party (PDP)to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is not strange in politics.

Further explaining the position of the group Usen said: “Since the inception of democracy on the 29th May 1999, there have been intrigues, alignments and realignments, dramas and so many activities in Nigeria’s political space, so this defection is not strange to us. As we say in politics, no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, it is all about interest. 

We watched on television during the APC rally in Ikot Ekpene with disbelief the horrible things said about the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel. We believe all the players are mature enough to make their statements without resorting to image slandering and deception. Let us remember that when you point at somebody, the other four fingers are pointing back at you. You do not destroy what you have built just because of personal benefits. Let us play politics with the development of the state in mind and not personal vendettas.

If you look at the 16 years of leadership in Akwa Ibom, former governor, Chief Victor Attah ruled the State for eight years with Senator Godswill Akpabio as a super Commissioner for the eight years, and Akpabio then ruled as governor for a good eight years. It is simply ironical to say there has not been meaningful development in the state when Akpabio held sway for a total of 16 years.

Udom has demonstrated that he is a thoroughbred professional whose style of leadership gives a new orientation to our beloved State. He is wise in spending. 

Udom Emmanuel Vanguard (UEV) wishes to let the world know that Udom Emmanuel has performed very well with the lean resources at his disposal. There are debts the present government inherited of which the state has been servicing. The experience of the governor as an Investment Banker has helped the State stabilize in no small measure otherwise we would have been like other states who owe salaries for months. We do not want to go into the issues of debts as time will reveal the true position of things.”

Reeling out some of the achievements of the Udom Emmanuel led administration, Usen revealed that the state have a modular refinery project in the pipeline aside massive construction of roads simultaneously going on. There is the first ultra-modern market project constructed by a Chinese Company in Eket going on, a first class housing estate projects in Eket and Uyo including  the Syringe and Electricity Metres Manufacturing Companies at Onna. 

“At Oron and Ikot Ekpene multimillion dollar projects of Flour Mills, Feed Mills, and Jetty to be constructed by a renowned Swiss Company –Buhler Group championed by Chismos Resources Limited, etc. The governor’s scorecard is available for us to see. We abhor politics with bitterness. Our major focus is that may our State develop to make life beautiful for our teeming indigenes.

We urge all political players in the state to consider the people first. We are saying this because we know that in the coming days, the polity will hit up especially when you have strange bed fellows in the same party and they will not hesitate to flex their muscles.

We wish Senator Godswill Akpabio all the best and thank him for leading Akwa Ibom through PDP for over 18 years. We wish him well in his new party. We know it would be difficult for him to stay there for as long as 18 years because if it is not PDP, it can never be like PDP. We also urge him to remember that he should not throw stones at his glass house otherwise the house would not be there to cover him,” said Usen.

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