Buhari’s Second Term: Okoroji Defends Kenneth Okonkwo

Controversial filmmaker, Chima Okoroji has come to the aid of veteran actor cum politician, Kenneth Okonkwo who has come under harsh criticism for his support for the second bid of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Okoroji in a chat with www.samurahh.com wondered why Okonkwo should be criticised for his opinion.

He said: “I personally have looked beyond political party. What matters is individual ideology for the way forward. If Kenneth Okonkwo feels that the way he can contribute to the development of our country is through the APC so be it. He is entitled like every other Nigerian to freedom of speech and association as enshrined in our constitution. We just finished working together on set and I saw the passion in him to rule Enugu state and take it to the next level. He is passionate about his ambition and he means well for Nigerians. I call on all Nollywood practitioners to support our own irrespective of political party affiliation. 

He told me on set that he will forever appreciate Nollywood who started calling him ‘His Excellency’ even before he thought of contesting for governor. Nollywood prophecy is coming to pass. He is a man who has the fear of God in him. I wish him all the best.”

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