NIMC: Journalist Assaulted At Shomolu Local Government Office

Despite the campaign against corruption by the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration, some unscrupulous elements in high places are hell bent on rubbishing this effort.

This attitude played out itself on Tuesday afternoon at the Shomolu local government, Lagos as people queued up to register for their National identification card at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Shomolu branch.

While others were on queue for hours waiting for their turn to be attended to, an influential female officer of the commission forced her way to register some persons she claimed are members of her family and of course, some people reacted. What could have turned into a fracas was maturely averted by the gentle nature of a media practitioner, Mr. Bernard Olayinka who was viciously assaulted by the woman. He made effort to take a video clip of the altercation but the woman sensing danger pounced on him, damaged his earpiece and phone.

Olayinka thereafter went to the chairman’s office to meet his Press secretary since he was not on seat. He reported the matter and thought he could get a sort of justice as he followed him together with some of his colleagues but at the end of the day, they compromised their stand because the woman is known to them.

Hear his story: “It started about 1.30pm yesterday afternoon when a lanky black woman who introduced herself as the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) boss, Shomolu branch, came in with about 10 persons claiming to be her family members. S    he requested that everybody on the queue that came in about 9am to step aside for her family members who are probably on holiday  to come forward to register while we watch and put our work at stake.
Then I excused her and politely and told her that some of us took just an hour or so to come and register for NIMC and we have spent close to six hours here due to the fact that we it is only one system with an operator attending to about 100 people since morning that she should allow use it one after the other but she ignored what I said and went straight to the operator and told him to continue with her family members.

After which myself and a lady called Vivian insisted on our rights to be attended to before her and her people. Some other people were there but they kept mute typical of some Nigerians. As this was going on I started doing a video of the whole thing, the next minute she got up and jumped on me. In the process, she strangled and destroyed my ear piece aside breaking my iPhone all to prevent me from recording her corrupt practice.

Because she was a woman and mother, I did not to raise a finger on her and went straight to the office of the Shomolu Local Government Chairman. I was told he was not on seat. I was directed to see the Chief Press Secretary, thankfully he got up with some other of his colleagues and followed me to resolve the issue but it was to no avail as I discovered they are friends. I had no choice but to walk away to look for justice elsewhere by putting out my ordeal to the general public and the concern authorities to get justice for me as I was assaulted without retaliation.”

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