Nigerian Wonder Kid Distinguishes Himself In Europe With Two Art Awards

Nigerians around the globe have been able to make tremendous mark in most of the human endeavors. From technology to medicine, from arts to music, Nigerians have been able to make some positive impacts globally.
It was a surprise that an eight year old child, KanyechukwuTagboOkeke in faraway Vienna, Austria clinched the Flame of Peace award 2018.  He is the first African child and the youngest artist to ever win such an award in its history.

As creative as they come, Kanyechukwu was discovered by the Nigerian ambassador to Austria. His work  been displayed in the Nigerian embassy caught an art enthusiast and he encouraged the embassy to enter for the United Nations young artists for Peace exhibition which he got an award as the best artist of 2018. 

Not yet done with a couple of art exhibition and competition across Europe, the young artist clinched another one. This time he got an award is called the United Nations young artists for Peace exhibition. With these series of awards for such a young artist, art critics has noted that he has a promising career in the art world irrespective of his age and his struggles against autism.

Speaking on the award, TagboOkeke, Kanye’s father noted that Kanyeis eight years old and slightly autistic, for a couple of years he wasn’t talking. We noticed that when he was lot younger, he was a bit withdrawn and also draws a lot. We were then concerned of him littering the house with lots of papers and drawing. 

He has demonstrated such a high level of creativity from childhood. We are happy that this talent was harnessed.”
David  Nejo, a renowned art curator in Pop Up African Museum Europe added that “Kanye has opened a new dimension of communication through art which has to be fostered, enhanced and supported. Kanyechukwu stands for me a voice for the voiceless. I thank Kanye and his family for giving the world the opportunity once again to experience the creativity of Nigerians beyond all expectations.” 

Knaye’sart work was first seen at the Nigerian embassy in Vienna by an art enthusiast who came visiting the ambassador. It was then included amongst the paintings to be on display at an OFID art exhibition. The OFID is OPEC funded for international development which holds an annual art exhibition that brings together artistes from all over the world to showcase their works. This year’s event will have 70 artists’ works on display and Kanye’s work is one of them from Nigeria.

As  a prestigious award, one of he highest award given to  individuals who has performed incredibly well in their chosen careers in Austria and EU. As a national honour , Kanyechukwu is the first African child for his age and surmounting the challenges of autism  to have been honoured with this award for his artistic skills . Bringing it home, Flame of Peace can be likened to the Order of Niger Award or National Merit Award in Nigeria but  in an international scale, this includes the United Nations Young Artists 2018

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