Pumela Hits STV With Truth Talks

Celebrated international talk show host, Pumela Adofus is set to begin her popularly acclaimed talk show, ‘Truth Talks’ on Silverbird Television this quarter.

The beautiful Canadian who is also a renowned author, model is a powerful woman in her own right and a rising voice in the global entertainment industry.

Adofus is committed to telling the real stories of real people across the world, uplifting humanity and inspiring people from all walks of life.

She has a relaxed intimate and natural interview style greatly enjoyed by her guests who easily share the many deep and personal details of their lives, hopes, fears and dreams.

Aside being a proactive and participative member of her community, she is an active, dynamic board member of various charities dedicated to uplifting the lives of those less fortunate.

She is a much sought-after international public speaker and a passionate advocate for the rights of women and children across the world.

Her intimate and authentric relationship with fans has seen Adofus becoming an internationally recognized role model for today’s youth.
Watch out for her!

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