Re-Political Chicanery Of Some Political Leaders: Imposition Of Candidate In Owo/Ose Federal Constituency, A Threat To Unity In PDP

We write to register our displeasure against this anti-democratic act and to equally point the attention of the party leadership to what will happen should the leadership refuses to bow to reasoning and do what is just and acceptable by our teeming party members and supporters.

Events in the recenrt past  should have been enough  for the leadership of our great party to learn a bitter lesson from.The imposition that characterized the last elections in the sunshine state did not only led to disturbing crack in the party but also engendered polarization and factionalizatiom which eventually led to the failure of the party at the general poll.

As leaders and stakeholders of the party as well as  witnesses to the disheartened disaffection and as the ones that suffered the huge losses and untold woes of the unfavourable decisions of the party leadership in the recent past due to imposition of candidates, we once again raise this alert before PDP in Owo /Ose Federal Constituency is thrown into confusion and the party in our dear sunshine state is plunged into unnecessary commotion. We are nevertheless aware of the huge sacrifice of all members of N-PDP  (Heroes of Democracy ) recently at the National Assembly owing to their massive defection from the APC ,yet we reject the imposition of Dr Bode Ayorinde on the party because it's undemocratic, oppressive and an abuse of fundamental human rights of other contestants and all known democratic ethos. We strongly condemn this dictatorial tendency of the leadership of our party now vigorously pursued by the state chairman of the PDP,Engr Clement Faboyede and his State Executive Committee. To us,this ugly step is absurd,demeaning and annoying.

Apart from the anti-democratic tendency of this act,we posit that some of the greatest tenets of democracy  are the freewill of individuals and the provision of level play ground for all contenders.For instance,before the defection of Dr Bode Ayorinde into the PDP recently, two of our loyal and committed party members, Dr Toyin Abitoye and Arc Sadiq O.  Obanoyen had obtained their Expression of Interest Forms and they were screened and  issued clearance certificates in addition to their emotional attachment, huge financial and material investments in their aspirations already . This imposition therefore is indeed very unfortunate as it is unethical ,unjust and oppressive ! 

Again, Dr Bode Ayorinde, the purported beneficiary of this undemocratic attempt, has been very reluctant to identify with and integrate himself properly with the leadership of the party in  both Owo and Ose Lgas. Instead, he has been busy telling the delegates that he has been given automatic ticket by the party.This  idea is seriously annoying and has generated tensions among our party members and supporters. 

Equally, the National Executive Committee led by Prince Uche Secondus, at all fora, before the entire party members and Nigerians,has identified impunity and imposition as the major challenges confronting the PDP. He has reiterated vehemently too that these monsters would henceforth be exterminated at all cost.  We are therefore deeply confused as to why the state chairman,  Engr Clement Faboyede, who constantly preaches against impunity will ,at this auspicious time, result to pursuing this political aberration without any regards for the rights and feelings of other contenders. 

In the same vein, considering the ongoing political onslaught on our party by the APC-led administration, the leadership of our great party should ensure that only a credible and sellable candidate emerges through an all-inclusive consensus or primary election as the case may be . This is the expectation of our party loyalists and teeming supporters. Anything short of this shall breed hatred ,tension and confusion. 

Also, the provisions of the constitution of the PDP should be respected, protected and preserved as imposition is alien to all sections and articles of our party constitution. Unnecessary commotion in our party should be avoided by the party leadership  by disengagement in pursuing this anomaly by her leadership at all levels . 

Therefore,  you should all aware that this is the constituency of H. E,  Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, and the strongest hold of the APC;also as leaders and stakeholders in these LGAs ,we recommend as follows :

1) That the party hierarchies at both state,zonal and national levels should be magnanimous enough to all contenders for this coveted seat by allowing them to test their popularity in a free and fair primary election 

2) That the party leadership should respect their pledge and see their words to exterminate imposition and impunity as their bonds with the party members,supporters and the people. 

3) That the state Chairman, Engr Clement Faboyede in conjunction with  Come Eddy Olafeso should stop further talk on this imposition, and stop henceforth from convening any meeting of party leaders and stakeholders so as to  allow the will and wishes of the delegates and our party members to reign supreme. 

5) That all the aspirants must be given equal opportunity to pursue their aspirations lawfully and legitimately as enshrined in our party constitution and the electoral guidelines so as to see and accept their loss or victory at the primary poll as the true expression of the wishes of the delegates. 

Our interest is to return our party to the corridors of power in 2019.However, our mission to aggressively pursue this dream shall be hampered if our genuine observations and recommendations are pushed into the trash can. Therefore, in conjunction with our teeming members and supporters,  we politely demand that justice, equity and fairness should be allowed to permeate selection process in this contest so as to cleverly avoid the repeat of the unfortunate political tsunami that plunged PDP into disrepute and sent her to the background in Ondo State. 

We appeal to the leadership of our party to listen to the voice of reasoning and wisdom as failure to allow due process to prevail in the unfortunate situation in our hands shall leads to :

1)Massive defection of PDP leaders and stakeholders and members to other political parties 

2) Creation of needless platform for would-be aggressive party members to work against the party and the imposed candidate

3) Creation of a political commotion that may spread like whirlwind to other parts of our sunshine state as Ose and Owo in particular are seen as the political epicenter of our dear state

We, the undersigned leaders, therefore passionately appeal to Prince Uche Secondus,  the NEC, NWC, BOT and the party leadership at both state and zonal levels as well as all lovers of our party, the PDP and democracy to prevail on them to  allow peace to reign in Ondo State and also allow our delegates to make their free choice through a keenly contested primary election. This is the ultimate sacrifice to make for now and the only path of honour to toe at this auspicious time. 

Long live, PDP

Long live ,Owo/Ose Federal constituency

Long live ,Ondo State.

Long live, Federal Republic of Nigeria. 


1) Ch.  (Dr) Adewumi Abitoye 

2) Dr Alaba-Lad Ojomo 

3) Hon. (Mrs)  Khadijat Eniolorunda 

4) Hon. Femi Adekanmbi 

5) Hon. Tunji Dairo 

6) Barr.  Dupe Aisida 

7) Col. Awodeyi (Rtd) 

8) Hon. Bobby Omotoso 

9) Hon. (Mrs)  Asake Olubitan

10) Hon. Folake Sarumi‎

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