2019 Election Will Be Peaceful – Apostle Utin

Recently, senior pastor, Life Transformational Pentecostal Ministry, Apostle Peter Utin gave an insight of what God revealed to him on September 14, 2018. It was about a plane that developed technical problem due to careless maintenance.

This occurrence happened two weeks after his revelation on one of the popular and formal leading airline called Overland Airline. The Cleric therefore prayed and fasted and that was why no life was lost. He advices other clerics that whenever God reveal any tragedy that involves the country, prayers should be made so that they can be averted. 

He said: "I remember an interview was conducted by Emmanuel Clement and Austine Patrick, I emphatically related a dream I had as an illustration that I had a dream. In that dream I saw that there will be no harm concerning the coming election in 2019. It was all a peaceful election. There will be no crisis. I saw all armed forces gather together at a check point just like a boarder, when I drove close everyone of them approached me,  I mean the Navy, Police, Custom, Air force. 

It was a police woman that came with two medals and other joined her in asking me to chose the country I belong to. One of the medals was written, ‘Nigeria’ and the other ‘Biafra.’ I decided to buy the two medals. I said I love the two countries to be together and she handed the two medals to me. It may take time for it to be actualised but if we handle it well everyone will like it. In a nutshell I will like to appeal to whosoever that will be in leadership position to make sure everyone lives in oneness. It does not matter where we all come from. I am always touched each time I heard or see innocent people die due to careless state of the government. "

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