God Is Not Ready To Take The Mantle From The APC But…Apostle Sediq Moses

From a Muslim background, Apostle Sediq X Moses, general overseer, Christ Holy Mountain ministries is a firebrand Pentecostal preacher who is fast making waves in the Christian circles.
In this chat with Emmanuel Clement and Austine Patrick, the cleric speaks about the forthcoming general elections.

What can you say concerning the state of the nation?
If there is any bloodshed in 2019, civilians will not taste power for a very long time. In a vision, I saw military men on the streets of Nigeria with anger on their faces, they will be more stricter than what we have ever experienced in civilian rule. It would be bad that even when they see ladies dress provocatively, they will flog hell out of them.  I also saw militants on the streets of Nigeria with more sophisticated weapons. New militants will be emerging from the north with a new name; the militants from the east will also rise while militants in the south will be on the streets also. 

The west will suddenly come up with their own militant. If anything happens to Buhari, fingers will be pointed at PDP.  My advice is that the PDP should stay out of trouble. If Atiku Abubakar and the whole of PDP members can stay out of trouble with their hearts ready to listen to a man of God who God has shown the real vision not by their great name but by what they said that came to pass, I see Atiku Abubakar becoming the next president of Nigeria. Atiku Abubakar should start putting PDP and its members back together, because there are some PDP members that are not happy with him emerging as the presidential cadidate.

Prior to 2015 election, lots of pastors prophesy that Goodluck Jonathan is going to be re-elected, should we say they did not hear clearly from God?
Most men of God want to raise back to life what God has decided to kill. No man or prophet can raise back to life who God has decided to kill. The bible says God kills and he also makes alive. It was God that rejected Saul even while Saul was still on the throne, Samuel begged God for him but God said ‘why are you begging me for a man I have rejected?’ I remain Apostle Sediq X Moses. When I heard some men of God prophesying that Jonathan will win 2015 election, I said it in my prophesy that Jonathan will lose his re-election. 

If you doubt it go to my youtube channel, (CHM TV AFRICA). It was the same thing I told the former president of Ghana when he called me on phone for his re-election, I told him he should not go for re-election because God has found for himself another person. They are all on my youtube account, it's not that we are not prophesying but some journalists decide the message and prophecy that get to politicians. I am Apostle Sediq X Moses, not by great names but it is by what you've said that has come to pass. The person a vision is shown to knows better than another person, because it is him that God has decided to show the vision to.

What do you have to say about both ruling parties APC AND PDP?
Atiku Abubakar should bring together all angry PDP members because I saw some PDP members not happy with Atiku Abubakar emerging as the presidential candidate of their party and I also saw that some percent of the so called PDP members are secretly working for Buhari while they are still in PDP. Atiku should shy away from making trouble because if any thing happens to Buhari, fingers will be pointed at Atiku, though God is not ready to take the mantle from APC, I see Atiku becoming the president of this great country if he can only listen and be obedient with what God is showing me. I saw Atiku wining but Buhari refusing to give the power him rather he gave the power to the military because he vowed not to leave the sit until after his second term. If Atiku will only seek God that works in the Spirit and we can feel it physically I will pray for Atiku and he will win 2019 election after the prayers Buhari by himself will give the power to Atiku without trouble.

God gave me a message to Atiku Abubakar if he comes to my place prayers will be conducted for him, God told me he must be prayed for on or before December 12th this is what God told me. I was in Ghana when God revealed Atiku Abubakar in a vision to me. I saw him putting on a native cloth and somebody brought to him a new baby to carry, he collected the babyand I ask God what the meaning of these in the hands of Atiku and God told me that it is a new Nigeria in the hands of Atiku but that new Nigeria can only be given to him by the grace that comes from God and he must look for me Apostle Sediq X Moses, so that I can pray him into his Victory in 2019 election. 

The bible says if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do? What that place means is that it is only God that can repair a faulty foundation. It is only Him that can repair Nigeria not you or I because we Nigerians are the ones that say we don't want Buhari later youwill hear us saying we don't want Atiku again. Nigeria is at the state where only God can make it stand back to its feet. 

How can people and politicians reach you for special prayers and counseling?
All my numbers are open to everybody to call in. They are also available on our website. In our programmes God has used me to heal all manner of sicknesses and diseases; there is nothing too hard for God to do through me. They are like childs play. God sent me for these reasons to help people and to help the whole world. I can be reached via 08065186077, 08132291774 ) www.apostlesediqxmoses.com. www.christholymountain.org.

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