Lions Club Urges Nigerians To Cultivate Habit Of Donating Blood To Needy

Lions Club has urged Nigerians within the age of 18 years and above to cultivate habit of donating blood to needy because of many health benefits attached to i it.

The club stated that donating blood doesn’t just benefit recipients only but there are emotional and physical health benefits for donors as well despite helping others
President of Eko Centennial Lions Club, Shogo Oloshunde revealed this while, briefing journalists over the weekend on the activities lined up for charter presentation/investiture. of him as charter president and the installation of other club officers for 2018/-2019 Lions year.

According to him, the event will hold on November 10,  2018, at Oriwu Club, Ikorodu Lagos  by 2.00pm and among the activities lined up for the program are voluntary blood donation  which is organised in conjunction with Lagos State Blood Transfusion Services ( LSBTS ) at the venue.

Dr. Module Olaiya, Consultant Hematologist and Executive Secretary LSBTS who is guest speaker at the occasion,  will speak on: "Benefits of taking good care of our health". Besides, there will also be  raffle draw and funds raising for the club's projects.
Laying emphasises  on important of blood donation, Lion Oloshunde said:" Blood donation is definitely a noble act. Many clinics and hospitals constantly require blood for several purposes. This makes the idea of blood donation a noble gesture as it provides life-saving help to people and patients. On an average, human body contains approximately 4 to 5 liters blood that can be donated after every third month for men and every 4 months for women. Many people believe that blood donation is harmful for their body, however, this is untrue.

"Blood donation benefits are numerous which includes the following;Life-saver – Many people require urgent blood and by donating our blood we easily give them life. This is one of the biggest satisfactions one can experience. It makes us proud and can also give us a purpose of life – the feeling that you made a difference to someone’s life.
Refreshes our system– Having donated blood, our cell count goes down which leads to new cells regeneration. This is definitely a healthy process that defines that an individual is fine and fit. Our entire body freshens up and many of our health issues come to an end. Therefore, blood donation results in a healthier body that raises our life span.

Rise of quantity of blood– Blood isn’t merely needed in case of injuries or accidents but also for plasma or platelets required by a patient. In such cases, if adequate amount of blood is readily available in a blood bank, patients can be smoothly treated. Hence people should regularly donate blood to ensure an adequate availability of it for the needy at right time.

Proper diagnosis– Prior to our donating blood, hospital personnel make necessary diagnosis of cholesterol, iron content, hemoglobin, etc. Hence we can identify if all is normal. If all is well, the doctor allows us to donate blood.
Therefore, we do not need to fear blood donation as it a painless process that takes only around an hour. We can visit hospitals and donate blood in our spare time"

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