Our Son Did Not Commit Suicide, He Was murdered –Family Insists

Family, friends and community members of Ezi-Oye Ide village in Alor, Idemmili Local Government Area, Anambra State have cried fowl over the death of one of their sons who allegedly committed suicide.

The body of the promising young man Ebuka aka Innoma from Nwaolisa-Nzeli family Ezi-Oye Ide village Alor in Idemmili LGA Anambra state was found dangling from the ceiling dead in his family compound.

However on closer observation, it was noticed that a lot of things did not add up.
A notable member of the kindred, Reverend Innocent Peace gave insight into why they concluded that the death of Ebuka could be murder.

Peace said: “ When I posted the picture of a young man popularly known as Innoma real name Ebuka Nwose-Nzeli of Ezioye-Ide village one of those that commented on the picture noticed that one of late Ebuka's leg was on top of the chairs that he must have used in hanging himself...I never took the observation serious but with what some of his close friends and relations has been saying I am thinking that Ebuka's death may not have been as a result of suicide but pure murder...

From the information at my disposal

1. The late Ebuka have not been showing any sign of acute depression which usually leads to that type of painful and horrible death by suicide.
2. The said note said to have been seen at the scene of the suicide purportedlywritten by the late young man claiming that none of his relatives want to help him couldn't have been written by him because the reverse is the case.
3. The late Ebuka's brother IFEANYI sent in N150,000 to him just few days before.his death.
4. The dead young man has been joyfully and proudly working on his new shop which has been completed where he intends to be operating a beer parlour in front of their family house.
In the light of these and many other evidences that I may not be privy to I make bold to say that the last may not have been heard of this ugly suicide story and I urge a thorough investigations into what really happened to this promising young man especially when we juxtapose this incident with another similar case in the same Ezioye-Ide Alor where a man who have no reason to take his life was said to have hanged himself at Mmili Obiaja some months back...
Meanwhile the duo of Alor Vigilante group (AVG) and Nnobi divisional police are said to be handling the investigation of the worrisome incident and will soon make their findings public.

It is like there is now a new dimension to commit murder. Security consciousness should be the watch word!”

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