Please Don’t Embark On Strike - Ifeanyi Dike Pleads With Labour Leaders

Chairman, Board of Trustee (BoT) Actors Guild of Nigeria, Prince Ifeanyi Dike has appealed to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) not to embark on another strike action as the timing will negatively affect the polity especially entertainers.

Dike made this call at the backdrop of the fact that this time of the year is when entertainers of different persuasion eke out a living plying their trade.

Dike Said: “We have been supporting them and we will continue to support their effort in making life better for Nigerians but on this one, they would have to re-think their action plan. This time of the year is crucial for entertainers. This is the season they make something meaningful for themselves which would ultimately benefit the country as a whole.

The Labour leaders should please, look for another way of addressing this issue. It is disheartening to find ourselves in this situation of insensitivity on the part of government on its citizens. How can you be paying a stipend of N18,000 for 10 years with the whole infalation, recession and high cost of living? It is too harsh! That amount of money cannot even feed their dogs let alone feed. I urge our dear comrades to please consider what the effect would be on the citizenry in this season if they decide to embark on this strike action. It would further plung the people into depression and hopelessness.”

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