Priest Escapes Assassins Bullets For Daring Politics (Photo)

Just as it usually is at this point of the election time table in the polity, politics of bitterness played out in the Okigwe zone of Imo State as a popular cleric, Right Reverend Obinna Nwafor got a dose of the kind of politicking done in this part of the world.

The cleric who has been going back and forth from his U.S. base and impacting positively in the lives of his people was at peace with everyone until he indicated interest to represent his constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly.

Despite his choice of pitching his tent with a not too popular party, Freedom and Justice party, Nwafor, a Methodist Priest who received the blessings of the bishop of his diocese was virtually everywhere. He so rattled his ‘opponents’ that they became jittery and decided to stop him at all cost. The result? His enemies pumped hot bullets into him. Thinking that he has died but a child of destiny has a date with destiny. He survived.

Recounting his ordeal in an undisclosed hospital, the defiant candidate said: “This incident happened last month. On my way coming back from Owerri, the Imo state capital, I observed that there was a commercial bus (Hibus) that overtook my car and was on top speed. Within 15 minutes, we saw the same bus in a bad spot pretending to pass the bad spot as if it is trapped. When I noticed that the bus was not moving, I asked my driver to reverse and try other routes. As soon as I mentioned that, the first bus moved and suddenly bullets started raining as if it was a battle field. 
We couldn’t move. They came close and punctured two tyres. They came to my side, opened the door and dragged me out. They told me to go to the corner of the road and close my eyes. Then shot me at close range on my lower abdomen. I heard them tell whoever that sent them that they have ‘wasted him.’ They took my driver and my Director General (DG) ran. They chased and caught her and took her away along with the driver. They left.I don’t know how God gave me the strength. I got up and started looking for help. It took three hours to get first aid and this was by running around on a commercial motorcycle (okada). I was carried by the bike and the Lord sustained me. It was just God’s help that I got first aid before I proceeded to the hospital. It is a miracle that I am alive.

It is the handiwork of my opponents. They believed I have intimidated them so much. I have great followers. In their thinking, they wondered; ‘how can he come back from America to take over the music in okigwe?’ Everybody sings his name as song because he is a credible candidate. I became a threat and they decided to eliminate me but my God said no because He knows that I decided to come down to answer the call of my people; to serve them and make a proper representation. My people have been represented in the past and it has been stories, no effect of any kind of change. I have to listen to the cry of the people to come and represent them and do the needful. No man can stop what God has started. I am a destiny child and I must fulfil my destiny.
Man cannot stop me because God is in my business. I had to listen to the cry of my people. I must fiulfil my destiny. I don’t know where it was coming from? I never knew they are trailing me? Whoever did that has full information and gave them the right information even the dress I wore. My wife was in the car, nobody touched her. The money was intact, it was not taken. Nobody touched anything in the car. They even collected some of my political works for INEC and all that but they didn’t know it was photocopy.They were just interested in eliminating me and stopping whatever move. 

Thank God my driver and DG were saved. They were not harmed. They only tied their eyes so that they would not know where they are driving them to. They were found somewhere in Akokwa and the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) got them released and untie them.”

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