Surprise Christmas Gift: AGN Boss, Don Pedro Aganbi Rescues Squatting Veteran Actress

 “Today I am so happy that after five years of sleeping in the cold at the National ArtsTheatre, Mama Agnes Molokwo would be spending Christmas in a place she can proudly call her home. What a Joy, what a relief. This is what leadership is about.”

Those were the words of excited chairman, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, Mr. Don Pedro Aganbi after ushering veteran actress Mrs. Agnes Molokwu to her new home.
Words could not describe the joy of Molokwu as she was surprised with a Christmas present of sleeping for the first time after five years in her furnished apartment made possible by the Aganbi who has done so well since he took over from top comic actor, Victor Osuagwu.
The story of Molokwu who has been in the movie industry since 2003 is a movie script on its own but suffice to say that her tears, struggles, pains of sleeping ‘outside’ is over.

Hear her: “It was a big surprise to me because for years I have been squatting. It has not been easy for me but I thank God for today. We had our Artiste Week and awards are usually given to some members. I had it at the back of my mind that I may be given an award because in 2016, I was given an award. I had to call the chairman to tell him that I may be among the people to be given award but if he can change it to money, I would appreciate it better because I was squatting. If you give me the award, there won’t be where to put it. He said ok. I will do it. When they gave award I was not given and some asked me if I was given I said no but the one I was given is still with me. And I thank God for it. The chairman then called me and said ‘mama come,’ he said ‘this is our mama, she is one of the strong members of the guild, punctual and contributes to all what we are doing but she doesn’t have a place to lay her head because she is squatting. He added that when he saw where I was squatting, that he was shocked. He called the man that uses the place and another lady and begged them to do something. It was surprising to me and truly they were able to get me a place.”
“I am been staying at the Artiste village at the national theatre. My agent who gives me advert job takes me like his mother. When I looked around and there is no place for me to stay, he said I should be managing his office pending when I will get a place. Early in the morning I wake up take my bath and sit down. Many people do not know I stay there because im used to waking early. Secondly, I have to thank my paraents, my father is late but my mother is still alive for the training they gave us. For the strength and that enduring spirit that today I have a roof over my head. The advice I give everybody is train your children so that in any situation they find themselves, they can stand because it wasn’t easy for me but I thank God  I am so grateful to God and I thank the chairman and his people for the way they took me. They did not take me as an artiste, they took me as a mother. I’m really grateful. “

Aganbi also spoke what informed the kind gesture. “Welfare of members is a very key aspect of  the Guild's constitution and since we came on board we have done our best in this regard. Agnes Molokwo is not just a member but a very loyal, committed and dedicated one. She is always the first to come to meeting or any activity that is why we nicknamed her "mama punctuality". 

I first noticed her during our inauguration ceremony in 2016, when she won the most committed member of the year award courtesy of my predecessor sir Victor Osuagwu and since then till date she has remained very loyal and consistent. I am very proud of her.

Today I am so happy that after five years of sleeping in the cold at the National theatre, mama Agnes Molokwo would be spending christmas in a place she can proudly call her home. What a Joy, what a relief. This is what leadership is about. 

I want to sincerely thank our esteemed patron Dr. Oby Olebara Uzoukwu, CEO AfrigoldTV for her support, BOT Chairman, prince Ifeanyi Dike, my able vice Chairman, Dayo Amusa, women's leader, Amaka Ezeamaka, Assistant Secretary, Blessing Anthony Ani, Patrick Chukwuedo and others for making this day a reality. I consider this as one of our biggest achievement.”

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