Ibhiedo Ne R’ Eko: Sanwo-Olu Promises All Inclusive Government

Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Party (APC) in Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu has reiterated his promise of running an all inclusive government if he wins the election.

He made this promise at an interactive town hall meeting with Edo State indigenes living Lagos at the weekend.
The event which was under the aegis of Ibhiedo Ne R’ Eko at the national arts theatre, Iganmu, Lagos had Sanwoolu’s deputy, Dr.Femi Hmazat in attendance as well as other stakeholders.

Selling his manifesto to the gathering, Sanwo-Olu said: “Some of you have been in Lagos for many years , infact you hold the key but if you are not participants to the discussion, conversation, then it is also unlikely that people will remember how we came about but we have said that by the grace of God, we are going to be an all inclusive government. We are going to run a government that would listen to all Lagosians irrespective of your tribe, religion or belief as long as you are a law abiding committed Lagosian, you would have continous access to us. You are the proper stakeholder as far as we are concerned and so we are excited that we are here. We are well aware that His Royal Highness, the Oba of Benin himself has sent a representative to come and witness this simple but unique occasion that we are doing.

What we are saying which we keep saying to everybody is that all of us are going to be in this government together. We are not unmindful that appointments has to be representational, it has to cut across all of our stakeholders and you guys are not out of it. We will be looking for our best hands, our best resources to ensure that Lagos continues to get the very best. That is what we are about. To be sure that wherever we need to do to make Lagos livable, appeal to all of us. I want to enjoin you that whatever it is you find your hands doing, let us do it well. One of the things we have said that we would be committed to is to look at our programme. We came up with a programe, we call project Theme which is to say that in the course of our government,we will begin so many things but suffice to say that we are strategically look through what we call THEME. The T standing for traffic management and transportation. We would be facing those issues frontally. The H, we would be looking at health for all and issues around our environment-waste management, water demand, drainages, climate change. We would be considering the E which is for education and technology-how can we make technology work for us in education, health, security? How can we make Lagos a true 21st century economy? How can we bring about power, security, infrastructure in all the nooks and crannies of Lagos state. Finally, can we bring about entertainment and tourism. How can we bring our sporting activities and all that so that Lagos will begin to work for everybody? We have written extensively on our website. Internet is not meant to be a luxury in our schools, it is meant to be a necessity because we know that with technology we can leap-frog and meet up with the developed world. These are some of the things we are about. That is what we are promising. And we want you citizens of Edo to believe in us, to work and partner with us, to identify and make progress with us so that Lagos will become a place where all of us will call home, a place where all of us will be happy to always come to.”

The interactive session also had Dr. Hamzat further answearing questions bordering on youth unemployment, traffic, taxes, the environment, among others.
Convener of  the epoch making event, Chief Ewie Aimienwaau spoke to www.samurahh.com the essence of the meeting.

He said: “The programme today is an attempt to restore the cordial relatiobship between Edo indigenes that live, work and pay taxes in Lagos and the Lagosians. As you are aware, as far back as the mid 15th century, relationships of cultural, spiritual and economic nature have existed between the Edos and Lagosians, so in post colonial times, the the Edo people have tendered to become unheard and so today we have come to the rooftop or the hilltop if you may say to remind people that indeed, there is  a large number of Edo indigenes that live and work in Lagos. We have also come to demand for inclusion. We want a new deal for Edo indigenes in Lagos. We want to be included in the polity of Lagos. We want to be at the table when the one trillion annual budget is being shared because we are contributing like every other person and we have chosen Mr. Babajide Sanwo Olu as our rallying point because he is an in-coming governor. He is somebody that understands and listens to people and we believe that he will listen to us. That is why we are here.”

In what way have Edo people been contributing to Lagos specifically?
Traditionally, Edo people instituted the traditional institution in Lagos. The first Oba of Lagos, Prince Ado is the son of the Oba of Benin. In the mid 16th and 17th century, Edo people also instituted the port of badagry which contributed economically to the development of both territories. Today, without any doubt the effort, influence and contribution of Edo people to the economics of Lagos does not only span religious organizations where you have Edo sons at the head of some of the biggest churches in Lagos, it also spans entertainment when you have Edo sons at the helm of affairs of the entertainment industry in Lagos. It also spans industry where you have Edo sons owning companies that produce and contribute to the GDP of Lagos. Our contribution is immense.
What is your message to an average Edo indigene Living in Lagos?
What they are taking home today is one, that henceforth, Edo people will now be given a stake in the politics and economy of Lagos at the level of government. Two, Edo people haven come here today will now go back to galvanise ourselves, to mobilize for greater representation. Never again will Edo be relegated to the background in Lagos after today. Edo people are pround people and it is a sense of pride and joy to us to be able to come together and speak with one voice on the issue of welfare and advancementof our etyhnocentric interest in a foreign place.

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