Must you ship or loot the Zhentarim Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, gamers can come across a Zhentarim Chest. This takes place after defeating a pack of Gnolls and can introduce gamers to 2 NPCs: Olly and Rugan. They’re trying to ship the chest to the Zhentarim’s secret hideout. Nevertheless, enterprising gamers might want to take this burden on themselves and help these strangers. Gamers who aren’t acquainted with the Dungeons & Dragons faction might not see the hurt in serving to, however this is a crucial option to make.

When making this alternative, you possibly can choose a number of choices. You’ll be able to determine to loot the chest, ship it to the Zhenarim, or deliver it to Baldur’s Gate. The Zhentarim Chest determination can result in new quests or NPCs being murdered, relying on what you do in Baldur’s Gate 3. Right here’s what it is advisable to learn about this alternative.

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Is it higher to ship or loot the Zhentarim Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3?


Finally, the selection fully will depend on the way you need to play the sport. Opening the chest has some fairly attention-grabbing rewards – however it can be deadly if gamers aren’t ready. In the event you’re making an attempt to be a hero, know that the Zhentarim, previously generally known as the Black Community, is a villainous group of mercenaries.

As an alternative of looting it, heroes might need to ship it to Baldur’s Gate and see that Olly and Rugan are punished for his or her crimes. In the event you’re extra of an anti-hero, chances are you’ll need to loot it, however watch out for the Iron Flask. You needn’t know a lot about Dungeons & Dragons, however having data of this group can affect your choices.

1) Penalties of delivering the Zhentarim Chest

You’ll be able to ship the Zhentarim Chest to 2 locations. You’ll be able to both take it to the place Rugan and Olly request you to in Baldur’s Gate 3 or take it to the titular metropolis. Selecting to ship it to its house owners will unlock some quests for the Zhentarim faction as a reward. Simply know that you simply’d be working with some less-than-reputable folks.

You can take the chest to one of two locations (Image via Larian Studios)
You’ll be able to take the chest to considered one of two places (Picture by way of Larian Studios)

You’ll be able to deliver the Zhentarim Chest to Baldur’s Gate and break up your reward with the 2 Zhents, however this prevents you from working with the faction additional. That is the least best end result.

In the event you’re trying to work for this group, take it to the best place. As well as, it might probably assist you to free the artist, Oskar Fevras. This additionally means that you can tackle quests for this sinister group in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Finally, Olly will doubtless be killed, and Rugan might be tortured because of this. They’re comparatively low on the totem pole for the Zhentarim, nonetheless.

2) Penalties of looting the Zhentarim Chest

In the event you don’t need the faction to get their property again, you possibly can decide the lock as a Rogue and open it. It can instantly make Olly and Rugan hostile. One of many extra attention-grabbing boss battles awaits right here if you’d like it.

Opening the Iron Flask gives a dangerous boss fight (Image via Larian Studios)
Opening the Iron Flask offers a harmful boss battle (Picture by way of Larian Studios)

Your reward for opening the chest is a few gold and the Iron Flask. Opening it should launch a robust Beholder named “Spectator,” which you instantly battle. This might inadvertently trigger the deaths of Olly and Rugan, however should you don’t care about them, don’t sweat it.

The opposite consequence is that the opposite Zhentarim, for the remainder of the sport, might be hostile. This may most likely completely shut off any try to affix them or tackle quests for the group.

Which alternative you determine on will depend on what you need out of Baldur’s Gate 3. If you wish to battle the highly effective boss and thwart evil, chances are you’ll need to steal the chest.

Delivering the Zhentarim Chest to the right place in Baldur’s Gate 3 provides you a shady group to work with. It additionally entails the deaths of two members of the faction.

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