League of Legends LoLdle solutions 398: Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The LoLdle solutions for this sport’s 398th iteration are actually accessible. This explicit title presents a novel problem that requires you to crack the code of 5 separate enigmas associated to champions within the wildly well-liked on-line sport League of Legends.

Efficiently finishing this job entails appropriately figuring out the suitable appellation, phrase, emoticon, means, and splash artwork related to these LoL characters. This sport has garnered important consideration from people desperate to show their in depth information of all issues League of Legends.

Introduced beneath are the solutions to the 398th installment of LoLdle’s puzzling questions.

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Aphelios, Vayne, and different League of Legends LoLdle solutions for the 398th version (August 9, 2023)


The LoLdle solutions to August 9’s puzzles are given beneath:

  • Traditional: Aphelios
  • Quote: Vayne
  • Capability: Kindred, Bonus: Q
  • Emoji: LeBlanc
  • Splash Artwork: Vel’Koz, Bonus: Infernal Vel’Koz

The primary of right this moment’s LoLdle solutions is Aphelios, and guessing his identify will be fairly easy because of his current recognition in League of Legends. As we speak’s quote mentions “Silver of the Moon,” which resonates with Vayne.

Following that, the power puzzle picture comprises three arrows, which is a large trace to acknowledge Kindred’s “Dance of Arrows.” Figuring out LeBlanc’s identify will be pretty simple, as she’s at present one of many strongest mages within the sport.

Final however not least, Vel’Koz’s Infernal Splash Artwork is probably the toughest of right this moment’s LoLdle solutions.


Earlier League of Legends LoLdle solutions

These are some earlier LoLdle options:

  • LoLdle 398, August 8: Graves, Fiora, Sion, Gwen, Quinn
  • LoLdle 396, August 7: Galio, Skarner, Lulu, Morgana, Vayne
  • LoLdle 395, August 6: Xin Zhao, Fizz, Lillia, Teemo, Fiora,
  • LoLdle 394, August 5: Twisted Destiny, Aphelios, Vladimir, Karma, Corki
  • LoLdle 393, August 4: Braum, Galio, Zed, Samira, Viego
  • LoLdle 392, August 3: Nidalee, Tristana, Thresh, Blitzcrank, Ornn
  • LoLdle 391, August 2: Lissandra, Twitch, Elise, Neeko, Ekko
  • LoLdle 390, August 1: Ezreal, Thresh, Orianna, Garen, Lux
  • LoLdle 389, July 31: Yone, Vi, Miss Fortune, Annie, Yorick
  • LoLdle 388, July 30: Nunu & Willump, Tahm Kench, Aatrox, Zac, Pyke
  • LoLdle 387, July 29: Nautilus, Yuumi, Karma, Jax, Ivern
  • LoLdle 386, July 28: Ivern, Kayle, Rakan, Grasp Yi, Poppy
  • LoLdle 385, July 27: Samira, Leona, Warwick, Milio, Irelia
  • LoLdle 384, July 26: Aurelion Sol, Kog’Maw, Neeko, Ryze, Renekton
  • LoLdle 383, July 25: Neeko, Qiyana, Gragas, Cassiopeia, Lucian
  • LoLdle 382, July 24: Sejuani, Xayah, Zoe, Malphite, Evelynn
  • LoLdle 381, July 23: Rakan, Gwen, Rammus, Katarina,
  • LoLdle 380, July 22: Lulu, Sylas, Yuumi, Draven, Nasus, Gragas

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