PUBG Cellular information for grenade kills (September 2023)

Staying forward of the competitors within the ever-changing world of PUBG Cellular necessitates a radical understanding of gameplay mechanics and methods. Mastering grenade kills is one space that may drastically enhance your efficiency. Nonetheless, it requires immense dedication, consistency, and persistence to turn out to be a grenadier on this battle royale recreation.

Whether or not you are a seasoned PUBG Cellular participant or simply beginning, this information gives you the data and strategies it’s essential to thrive at grenade utilization.

Word: This text is subjective and solely displays the author’s opinions.

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Tricks to get kills from grenades in PUBG Cellular (September 2023)

1) Understanding grenades


Grenades are a potent instrument in PUBG Cellular that, when employed accurately, could shift the course of a battle. To maximise your grenade kills, you could first grasp the assorted kinds of grenades and the way they work:

Frag Grenades: Essentially the most frequent kind, frag grenades can ship super harm in a radius upon explosion. To take advantage of these grenades, hurl them close to your goal or into confined areas akin to buildings or behind cowl. Holding down the throw button earlier than firing a frag grenade would possibly catch your opponents off guard, giving them much less time to reply.

Smoke Grenades: These grenades are multifaceted, offering a dense smoke display that gives cowl. They are often utilized to cover your motion, resurrect comrades, or trigger distractions. Throw smoke grenades strategically to drive your adversaries out of canopy or into an ambush to safe oblique grenade kills.

Stun Grenades: Stun grenades briefly disorient and blind foes. When thrown accurately, they’ll stun your opponents out, leaving them open to your gunfire or follow-up strikes. Discover ways to throw stun grenades round corners or into rooms to catch your opponents off guard.

2) Timing and positioning


When making an attempt grenade kills in PUBG Cellular, timing and positioning are vital. Following the following pointers will show extremely efficient:

Pre-engagement preparation: Assess the circumstances and predict enemy strikes earlier than participating them. Predict the place they is perhaps hiding or taking cowl utilizing your recreation’s expertise. This issue will help you in planning the best grenade toss to flush them out or accomplish a kill.

Distraction and diversion: Use grenades to divert enemy consideration away out of your place or compel them to desert their cowl. Mix smoke and frag grenades to trigger confusion and chaos, making it simpler to take out enemies.

Shut-quarters fight: Grenades could be your saving grace in close-quarters warfare. Take into account getting ready a frag grenade and rolling it right into a room the place you believe you studied opponents are hiding if you end up in a constructing or tight place. This would possibly lead to speedy and sudden deaths.

3) Observe and adaptation


Observe is crucial for turning into competent at grenade kills in PUBG Cellular. Comply with the following pointers for higher outcomes:

Customized matches: Use customized matches to hone your grenade abilities with out the stress of a stay recreation. Experiment with totally different grenades, angles, and distances to enhance your throwing abilities.

Profit from previous experiences: Throughout precise matches, take note of the outcomes of your grenade throws. Look at what labored and what did not. Did you utilize the proper grenade? Was your time incorrect? Studying out of your errors is crucial for progress.

Adapt to the state of affairs: In PUBG Cellular, adaptability is a vital ability. Do not be hesitant to alter between frag, smoke, and stun grenades, relying on the state of affairs. Keep vigilance and survey the battlefield to pick which grenade to make use of at any given time.

Grenades could be was a harmful weapon in your PUBG Cellular armory with dedication and apply.

Disclaimer: PUBG Cellular is banned by the Indian authorities. These from the area are suggested to check out Krafton’s Battlegrounds Cellular India (BGMI), which is the Indian variant of the cell title.

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